March 20, 2020

To Do:

We are asking that all principals send out an email to their staff prior to March 30 (ideally, you send it today). Here are some key points to include:

  • Schools are closed until April 28
  • All staff report to work on March 30, which can be done remotely unless the position precludes this from being possible (ie: custodian).
  • You will conduct a virtual meeting using WebEx (or other) at ____ time on March 30. I’ve mentioned a few times about wanting you to “meet” with your staff on March 30 – oftentimes alluding to the use of Webex as a platform for doing so. I want to make it clear that you do not have to use Webex, or another video-based platform to conduct this all-staff virtual meeting. What you will be sharing in this initial meeting is very important for alleviating the stress that many on your staff have been feeling over this past week (or longer) and will set the tone for the days that follow. Feel free to consider other means to communicate (i.e. slide presentation, detailed email, a combination of written material followed by smaller group Webex meetings, etc.) at that initial meeting. One concern with using Webex with your entire staff at the initial meeting is the possibility of frustration and missed connection due to technological issues from first-time use from all (most) of your staff. One suggestion is that you run multiple smaller group meetings (ie: by department). Let me know prior to March 30 if you’d like to problem-solve this with me.
  • You will provide expectations to them at that March 30 meeting
  • Continuity of learning begins on April 1.


Here is a recap of the general expectations for teachers from the doc we will be sharing with staff on March 30 and some talking points you could use when you address teachers on that day. During times of remote learning, teachers will continue to guide the learning of their students:

  • Communicate a daily learning plan to students and families.
  • Hold regular office hours to answer questions and provide instruction and feedback. No grades will be entered into grade book/Synergy.
  • Monitor student participation in remote learning; reach out to and try to engage students who are not participating. No attendance will be taken in Synergy

Continuation of Learning: One of the resource pages we ask you to share with and go over with your staff on Monday, March 30 is this district Continuation of Learning Plan (Amy’s Doc). Think of this document as the foundation on which we are building our instructional model for as long as our schools are closed. The first page provides a quick philosophical overview for teaching/learning during school closure, as well as a number of hot links to other sections of this document. (One of the embedded hotlinks takes you to a Remote Learning Tools page – please highlight this resource as well.) Please read and be familiar with this document and other embedded links found within its pages – as you will likely be asked questions about it from your staff. HERE is a copy of the letter Shay sent today that focuses on key questions they may be having about what happens March 30 and beyond.

What about the classified staff? Yesterday Stephen Duval shared with the MS Team a non-teacher position work task google doc position work task doc he created around the sharing of ideas for non-teacher position work task ideas. This link will be shared with our entire building admin team so we can learn from each other.

Read Alouds – why not in high school? Some teachers around the district are recording and sharing read alouds and the like. Please share these guidelines from publishers as some titles are off-limits.

Facilitating distribution of iPads/materials/personal items with families: One thing you each need to have a plan for – and communicate to your families – is a process for them to come collect necessary materials (i.e. iPad, and/or other instructional materials) that are currently at school. Here is what we are asking: 1) Complete this document for your school no later than Monday, March 30. (HS are listed on the third tab at the bottom.) 2) Provide as much detail as necessary about what you want parents to hear about your process, as our Latino Liaisons will be recording a bi-lingual message for you using the information you provide. On Tuesday (3/31) your building’s message will be sent home to your parents (thanks to our Liaisons) via Synervoice.

Mental Health/SEL Instructors and Clinicians next year: As you continue to work on your staffing plans, I wanted to send you the completed job descriptions for the positions associated with our new mental health/social-emotional learning support positions in the high schools. Every school was allocated some FTE for one of these positions. Ideally, you want to have both an Academic Coordinator (which we are calling the Secondary Student Success Instructor) AND a counselor/mental health or social worker (which we are calling the Secondary Student Success Clinician). Some of you will be able to fill both of these positions and some of you will add some of these responsibilities onto current positions such as a Grad Coach.

Sean asked me to share with you THE NOTE he sent to his special programs staff.

ELL Guidelines: Kinsey has provided some specific guidelines for our ELL Specialists for their work beginning March 30. Also, here is the updated Language Delivery Plan.

Kinsey has also provided this information requesting translations. Please share this important information with your staff.
(BSHS, HDMS, BCE, REJ, and Records Clerks: the following message does not apply to you, as you are piloting the new software.)
Currently, our protocol is to email Jody McBride with requests to translate written documents.  All status checks or updates to existing translator/interpreter requests also get emailed to Jody McBride.  
However, Jody is moving and will no longer be the contact for these requests.  Effective March 30th and for the remainder of the 19-20 school year, please send all document translation requests or status checks/updates to Ellen Jones: [email protected]  
As a reminder: documents for translation should be emailed in an editable file format (directly to Ellen Jones); requests for interpreters for meetings/events go through the Interpreter Request Form (link on the Portal).   


I am not going to schedule any meetings until we get through this first week after the break.

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