April 22, 2022

To Do:

FAN Evaluations: Please complete this RUBRIC and send your input about your FAN Coordinator to Dana by May 2.


Important Reminders:

Please submit your safety plan AND indoor contingency plan for Graduation by May 2. We will review them at our May 5 COVID meeting. There are two circumstances that will require us to move graduation indoors and therefore need a contingency plan: unsafe smoke levels and lighting/thunder.

Be sure to allow a time during your ceremony in which Dr. Cook accepts the class.

22-23 HS School design plans are due by May 13.   Here is the link to the School Design folder. HERE is a link to the essential questions Dave Van Loo prepared to guide thinking about plan design.



Curriculum Ordering Process: The time to request new instructional tools (both physical and digital) for next year is quickly approaching.  We currently plan to send each teacher an email in early May outlining their classes for the current year and tools that have been inventoried.  The email will include links to request new resources for next year via Google Form.  There will also be a link to request instructional tools for new classes.  As requests are received, we will evaluate each request using updated criteria.  It is our sincere hope that we provide a response for every request before teachers leave for the summer.  If you have any questions regarding the process or criteria, please contact Dean Richards or Austin James.


From Kinsey – Bias Incidents: Curious about next steps with our bias incident work?  This timeline shows where we’ve been in recent years (a celebration of our collective efforts, considering the pandemic happening in the ‘background’), and where we’re headed next: short-term actions for this spring, as well as longer-term/ongoing work.

Your LEAD teacher (if you have one) will be trying out a lesson on Bias in their class.  Ask them about it and pop in if you get a chance.  These will not be taught school wide this year (except in the case of HDMS who is piloting it school wide). 

Note that the bold items occurring this April and May 2022 (second page) include some action needed on your part.  If you would like a mini-PD/calibration activity or protocol for re-visiting this topic with your staff, please reach out to Kinsey.  Remember that this tool is as much intended to facilitate partnership in responding to incidents, as it is to track and record data on the incidents themselves.  Thank you!


Sub challenges are back: it feels as though we are back in January again, when we had so many teachers out with COVID and our Ed Center staff was spending a significant number of days subbing in schools because so many sub requests are unfilled. Thank you for continuing to monitor, and interrupt when possible, the number of subs that are out of your building. For example, if you have an athletic event and the teacher/coach can teach for part of the day, thank you for having them cover their classrooms for as much of the day as possible. Also, thank you for continuing to limit the percentage of folks on personal leave on a day to 5%. I appreciate your efforts to cover unfilled sub positions internally! Our high schools are masterful at this!


From Jennifer Hauth: We have posted a full time counselor on special assignment (COSA) position for next year. The focus of the work will be K-12 but with a heavy emphasis on high school at first. The position will focus on program alignment, coaching, professional learning and adopting a comprehensive school counseling program at each site. Please send people my way if they have any questions.


From Kinsey: Today is the Day of Silence.  We have students recognizing this day today–I can connect you with one of many staff members who are supporting the participating students across our schools, if you want to learn more.  


From Colleen Behrens, Science TOSA: The saying that “Every Day Is Earth Day” is especially true today, because it IS Earth Day today.  Science TOSA Colleen Behrens has a list of resources that you can use to connect students with our planet.

Earth Day: Invest in Our Planet


Pilot for Vaping Prevention Education

The district has approved for schools to pilot CATCH My Breath, a vaping prevention curriculum effective at preventing youth experimentation with vaping. 

The curriculum includes four 35-min lessons for 5-8th grades and 9-12th grades. It is a free curriculum, available through the CATCH.org online portal. 

School staff interested in piloting the CATCH My Breath program can follow this step-by-step guide. The guide provides instructions on how to access and navigate the most useful resources in the portal. The guide also provides all the links needed for the parent letter, teacher eval form, and student pre-/post- tests.

A parent/guardian notification letter, with an opt out option, should be provided to parents/guardians before piloting the curriculum and administering student pre-/post-tests, according to BLS policy KAB-AP. The parent notification letter included in the step-by-step guide provided everything needed to comply with this policy. 

We are testing and reviewing this curriculum as a part of our process to develop a K-12 Health scope and sequence. The K-12 Health scope and sequence and a thorough review of current and potential supplemental Health curriculum to adopt will be done through a workgroup this summer, June 20-23 (8:30am-3:30pm). School staff will receive curriculum pay for their time. School staff interested in joining this workgroup should email [email protected]or [email protected]

This pilot and the scope and sequence development this summer is part of our Healthy Schools program, a 50/50 partnership between Bend-La Pine Schools and Deschutes County Public Health’s Prevention and Health Promotion. More info about Healthy Schools is included at the bottom of the step-by-step guide for this pilot project.


Summer Meals  – Alandra is working with Garra in Nutrition Services to communicate changes to summer meals as well as meals for the 2022-23 school year. Watch for that info in English and Spanish next week to share. (If you already shared communication from Nutrition Services, that’s great. This is likely one that we will share multiple times because it marks a significant change for families.)


Breathalizing: Past practice in our high school dances and graduation has been to breathalize every student and notify families and students we are doing so prior to the event. Notification has usually been through each school’s student handbook. We will not breathalize this year because we are still navigating COVID. Let’s plan to revisit this practice next year.



HERE is the calendar for meetings for the year

Here is a sample Learning Walk schedule you can use as a guide to plan that visit.

SIW schedule

April 25: MS and HS Staffing meeting; Principals with HR (transfers, music discussion) 8:00-9:00 (with MS) 9:00-11:00 (HS Principals) @ BSHS in Perseverance Hall. Principals, bring your music sections/FTE.

Chris shared this information about the parking situation this coming Monday 4/25 for our meeting in Perseverance Hall in the Robert D. Maxwell Center:  We will leave the back gate open.  People can park on the street between the Tech Building and the Robert D. Maxwell Center (formally Alden Street).  They can also park out front and enter through the main entrance. We will provide coffee and light continental snacks.  Appreciate you all!

April 26: HS Admin WS 8:00-9:30 @ Caldera HS (location change!)

April 28Learning Walk 1:00-3:00 LA and SS @ Realms HS

May 3: HS Admin WS 8:00-9:30 @ Realms HS

May 5: Learning Walk 1:00-3:00 LA and SS @ MVHS

May 9: Preparing to Lead Equitable Schools– Principals only 3:30-5:00 Ed Center, Room 314


And Finally…

How many of you are feeling like this right about now? 

(FYI – none of you are excused)

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