August 26, 2022

To Do:

Welcome Back Celebration News! As you know, this year’s Welcome Back presentation will take place virtually (8:30 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 31 at, but the celebration will ALSO take place in-person – at your school/department. We want to see your team-building and engaging/joyous celebration efforts. And we want to recognize those who go above and beyond to kick off the year. The school/department displaying the most creativity (50% of score) and highest percentage of staff participation (50% of score) during their Welcome Back effort will receive new branded gear on us. We can’t wait to see how you celebrate! Send pictures, video (optional) and a short blurb about your efforts to Alandra Johnson. Thank you for using this time to make meaning and connect with one another, as we kick off the year with joy and optimism.  – Steve Cook


From Sean Reinhart regarding Inclusion EAs:  Last year, OSEA put in a “demand to bargain” over working conditions for Inclusion EAs (think all your SPED EAs).  Several items were agreed upon (HERE is a quick synopsis) including a minimal training standard for all new inclusion EAs before they can begin working with students.  In consultation with OSEA, EAs, and Learning Specialists, we have designed a training for our new EAs that they will need to complete prior to the arrival of students on Sept. 7.

The training is a Canvas course that EAs will complete individually and with the support of their supervising Learning Specialist and school admin.  The course will involve watching some videos, working directly with the supervising teacher on safety and student specifics, and some basic school orientation.  The scope and sequence can be found by clicking the following: Training for Inclusion Educational Assistants

Student services admin will inform and train all Learning Specialists at our August 30th training so they will be prepared and know their roles.  We are hoping that you can connect with your Learning Specialists to help make the plan, specifically around the content involving supervision, leave records, subs, and other admin tasks.  Mostly, your role is to be welcoming and informative as usual. 

Further, as you will see in the MOU language, all inclusion EAs will be issued a technology device (iPads).  We are working with IT so that your building site tech will have an iPad for all NEW inclusion EAs on their first day (Aug. 31).  On their first workday, please have them get their device from your site tech so they can complete the training during in-service week.  Please be aware, we are still hiring and placing new inclusion EA’s as we speak, so stay tuned as you may have some new folks coming. 

This is all new and we appreciate your support with onboarding and training our new inclusion EAs.  Please let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues. 


District Equity Stance

Here is the link to our district Equity Stance, which we discussed and previewed together at horizontal retreats.  Coming soon: PDF/printable version, Spanish and Chinese translations, more unpacking together. 

This will be shared with all families on Friday the 2nd, so please share with your staff by Thursday the 1st.  Several of you have asked about giving time for staff to review it during inservice week–that is a great idea!  At a minimum, share the link with staff and invite them to review and reflect, ahead of more unpacking of the content at a later date. 

If you’d like partnership designing an activity for sharing during inservice, please reach out to Kinsey.  

(Some ideas: have staff jigsaw the different sections in groups/teams, or use a 3-2-1 protocol: 3 phrases that are impactful, 2 questions, 1 personal next step.)


Admin Book Study Prep: You all recently received a copy of the book Grading for Equity by Joe Feldman.  To support our work with equitable grading, we will be participating in book study during our high school work sessions.  Please ensure your leadership team has read chapters 1 and 2 before our September 27th meeting.  If you need additional copies of the book, please reach out to Stephen.



From Dean: Check in sheets from the Innovation Conference: Here is a list of those who signed in at the ITLC from this spreadsheet. There are a large group of people who signed in a “other” and several staff who signed in as “Pacific Crest” as their school (likely because we were at PCMS. 

If you hear from a staff that they attended, but were not on your list, they may have misunderstood about the “School or Location” portion of the sign in. I wanted you to have the sheet in case questions arise.


From Stephen: HERE is a document you can use with staff/students/families if you decide to move forward with a 0-4 scale in your school.


Safety Day Slides from Julianne:  Here are the slides from Safety day


ACR Update & Mid-Year School Location Request Information

Please review this document linked below regarding changes to the ACR process during a school year.  We will review this process in more depth at our September work session with Assistant Principals and Deans.

Here are some important highlights from this document:

(1) ACRs can no longer be ‘pulled’ (revoked) for attendance, behavior, grades, etc. Once a student is approved on an ACR, they remain at that school moving forward. 

(2) A district-led team will meet three times during the school year to review unique cases when families are requesting to move, mid-year, from one school to another. 

Mid-Year School Location Requests


Budgeting deadline: Plan to have your HSS discretionary and School Improvement budgets completed by Friday, October 14. Contact April or me if you have questions.


STAS Level 1 Training Opportunities (for New BLS Administrators)

For any new Bend-La Pine Administrators who are in need of STAS Level 1 training, here are a pair of opportunities to receive this training with the High Desert ESD:

Friday, September 30th


Location: High Desert ESD Office (Redmond)

Wednesday, October 19th


Location: High Desert ESD Office (Redmond)

If interested in either of these positions, please Email Misty Groom at [email protected] or you can Email Eric Powell to discuss/sign up.


From Patrick Elliot in IT: I know many of you are communicating out with families about when Student Schedules will be available in StudentVue / ParentVue.  I have updated the timeline to be more reflective of what we can accomplish in the next 2 weeks.

  1. Student Schedules will be available in StudentVue / ParentVue on 9/2/2022 for all schools.  This gives schools time to complete the majority of student schedules so we are communicating more complete information to families.
  1. TeacherVue will be available August 28th in time for trainings / return to classrooms next week.  This will give master schedulers a little more time to complete as many of them are brand new to the district this month.

We understand that there are a lot of moving parts this time of year and we are committed to helping you get ready for the school year. Please help us in communicating this information to your staff.

August 28, 2022ALL SCHOOLSServices turned on:Synergy teacher login accountsClass schedules are visible in Synergy TeachervueData ServicesStartup of these services is initiated, preparation for teacher access to schedules and classroom data is started.  Teaching staff receive access to these systems for training and classroom setup upon returning to their site or during training sessions.Clever (provides data to DreamBox, PEAK/FuelEd, Lexia, etc)Canvas
September 2, 2022ALL SCHOOLSServices turned on:ParentVue and StudentVue:   Attendance, Schedule, Grade Book and Grade views.  This includes turning on class schedules for all schools, including elementary schools. Remaining data services managed systems are turned on and connected to provide full schedule data for 2022-2023 school year.


Jackie Wilson (Mueller) re:  Sustainability  First, just an update that Jackie is officially a Bend-La Pine Employee focusing on our district sustainability efforts. Jackie and Terry Cashman are putting the final touches on the school sustainability program, which you will see coming in the next few weeks. In the meantime, here is some current information:

  1. As part of the district goals to reduce emissions, please share some of information contained in the Idle Free Campaign. Here you will find information to share with parents via letters, newsletters and even a 2-photo link for emails. There will be additional Idle-Free work with green teams this year, but early education and information sharing is important to the success.
  2. Don’t forget to share your schools  SUGGESTED WALKING AND ROLLING ROUTES from Commute Options in messaging to parents as well. You can get your schools map in the “check out what we are doing at your school” portion of the webpage and then the walking routes, open the tab listed under Bend-La Pine School District. Once opened, you can copy the link for families to see routes related to your school. For example, here is a walking route for Lava Ridge Elementary School.


Updates from Jenn Hauth, Director of Social, Emotional Learning and Well Being:

Recruitment and Hiring

We hired clinicians in almost all vacancies this year, yay!!!. I will be adding individual and group supervision for Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs) and Licensed Clinical Social Workers so that we can build our clinical team and be competitive with the county and hospital in terms of recruiting staff.

Mental Health Literacy Training for Teachers and Staff

Oregon has partnered with Classroom WISE which is a 3-part training package that includes a FREE self-paced online course, video library featuring practices for teachers and students, comprehensive resource collection and website for K-12 educators on mental health literacy. Frequently Asked Questions.

School Counseling Updates

Professional Learning:

August 30 is our District Led training day @ Caldera High  (8:00 AM- 4:00 PM) 

The district is excited to have hired Jess Calbreath as a Counselor on Special Assignment. Here is an overview of her work for this year:

  • Support school site counselors
  • Bring counselor voice to district level conversations / committee meetings
  • Build a BLS District Counseling Toolkit
  • Oversee ICCL Team that leads monthly PLC work with all K-12 counselors. See dates and time below.
  • Support the development of meaningful professional learning
  • District Level Tier 1 Program Development : all three domains 

As our district moves to align and build strong programming in all of our departments, it is important for all school counselors to attend our professional learning opportunities so that we can build an aligned and integrated system of support for our students. 


From our Culture of Care Coaches: Our team continues to provide strong partnership and services for you and your staff. Check out this Flyer for a quick summary.


From Amber McGill and Culture of Care:   Recently you may have received a screenshot of the upcoming Restorative Practices classes, in which the hotlinks did not work.  Here is the document with links that work!   22-23 RP PD Menu  Looking forward to seeing some of you this fall!


A few things from Tami Pike – 

Bend-La Pine Schools COVID-19 Guidance Algorithm for Students and Staff (see embedded links) . These tools will help staff navigate when a student/staff person develops symptoms and/or tests positive for COVID-19. To report a positive student/staff, please complete the Bend-La Pine Schools COVID-19 Reporting Form. A contact tracer or nurse will follow up with the positive individual to determine their return-to school/work date. 

Staff Health Related Questions

For any staff related symptom/health questions please refer them to their health care provider. Bend-La Pine Nurses cannot provide health related recommendations.  If it is a COVID-19 question regarding signs/symptoms, COVID-19 positive reporting, and/or the return-to-work procedure, staff should reach out to: 

  1. Office Manager
  2. Nurse Michelle Spetic – 541-355-6925 – [email protected] 
  3. Nurse Tami Pike – 541-350-8387 (text first) – [email protected]

Student Health Related Questions – Please contact your school nurse. 

Masks and AQI – Human Resources wants to make sure that each school has N95 masks readily available to staff who request them when the AQI is above 101. I would advise that the box of N95 masks stays with a staff person who will be onsite at all times. (Some nurses have multiple school sites.) In reality, most staff either won’t use a N95 mask or will grab a medical grade face mask (KN95, 3ply masks). Due to the limited number of available N95 masks,  employees who choose to wear a N95 mask will be expected to follow the Mask Storage Guidelines. (See attached)

The monitoring of smoke and heat is a shared responsibility.  Each school-based safety team should discuss how admin/nurses/safety team members will collaborate to look at the smoke readings/heat index and informing staff of restrictions to outdoor activities.

I have received reports that schools are sending unused masks (N-95, KN95, 3 ply) back to Distribution. Please keep the masks at your school sites. COVID-19 is still here, and schools should have them available to individuals who choose or are required to wear a face mask. You are welcome to return face shields to Distribution, Attn: Gerry. 


See you Monday morning at Pacific Crest MS! Be ready to intro your new teachers!

Here is a LINK to a summary for inservice week and the first week with students.

If you plan to adjust your daily schedule on Thursday or Friday of this first week – or any other day, remember to think through and plan how that will impact the schedules of the teachers you share with other schools!  Please proactively communicate with the admin of the other school AND with the teacher who is impacted.


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