September 2, 2022

To Do:

From Kinsey re: Spanish phone message:  Family Liaisons can help principals re-record their phone messages!  Liaisons officially started back to work Tuesday, and I’m in the process of connecting each school with their assigned liaison, so they should have contact info and be able to start inviting the liaison to school events (and projects like updating phones) by tomorrow!  


From Stephen: If you need resources for teachers who missed the training this week, see below.  You may have already developed a plan to catch your staff up based on how you adapted materials. However, I wanted to provide these in case you needed them.

Shortened video of slide show

Video 1 and Video 2 in the powerpoint

Article 1 and Article 2 in the powerpoint

Video explaining the 0-4 crosswalk and criterion scoring


HS teaming structures and admin leads: Please complete this 22-23 Secondary Teaming Structure Survey asking for the building administrator who will lead each of your school teams AND the meeting dates.


Please share this with staff: Mid Oregon Credit Union and KTVZ are again looking for teachers to submit applications for the “One Class at a Time” $500 awards. As you may know, these are news stories to recognize good things happening in education, innovative class projects or dynamic teaching that would benefit from some community visibility and resources. Please send submissions to Kyle Frick with MOCU at [email protected]


From HR: Please remind your staff about the need to enroll in their benefits by September 15. If they do not enroll by the deadline, they will not be covered for one year.

  • OEBB Open Enrollment is happening now!
  • Enrollment is mandatory, takes place online, and must be completed by September 15.

Check out the district’s Employee Benefit Website for enrollment information, plans, rates, and much more.

If you need help with enrollment or have questions, our Benefits Team will be hosting in-person help sessions. 

Please feel free to stop by any location – no appointments are necessary.

September 12th, 3:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Education Center – Room 314, 520 NW Wall Street Bend, OR 97703

September 13th, 9:00 a.m. – 12 noon

Bend Transportation – Small side of lunchroom, 501 SE 2nd Street Bend, OR 97701

If you have questions, please contact the HR Specialist that corresponds with your last name:

  • Last name A-K = Monica Ropp = 355-1119
  • Last name L-Z = Kristen Marsters = 355-1106



Support in schools: Ed Center staff will be showing up to your schools next week to support our students, staff and families. Additionally, we have been notified there will be increased law enforcement presence.


A reminder about Care Solace from Jennifer:

Introducing our new partnership with Care Solace. Care Solace secures mental health and substance abuse appointments in a fast time frame, care companions speak 200+ languages, match clients to culturally and gender appropriate care, and are available either anonymously via a weblink or through a warm handoff by school staff. 

General Information Flyer – English and Spanish

Family Letter  – English and Spanish


Important reminder about requests to move mid year: Beginning with the 22-23 school year, we are no longer rescinding ACR’s or moving students back and forth between schools except during grading breaks (trimester and semester) and in exceptional circumstances.  

Yes, we have allowed students to move between schools for years.  However, we know this is not best practice for our students and we are no longer supporting this practice.  

Once a student requests to be at a particular school, that becomes their school.  

Support and process for reviewing requests:

District Tier III team: We will continue our Friday 10:00 meetings which is an opportunity for us to problem solve students who are struggling to access their education (this is a team consisting of behavior coaches, Juan, me and led by Eric).  

Mid Year ACR’s: Additionally, we have developed a process for students, staff and families to review mid year requests.  I included it in the HS blog last week.  Here it is again:

ACR Update & Mid-Year School Location Request Information

Please review this document linked below regarding changes to the ACR process during a school year.  We will review this process in more depth at our September work session with Assistant Principals and Deans.

Here are some highlights from this document:

(1) ACRs can no longer be ‘pulled’ (revoked) for attendance, behavior, grades, etc. Once a student is approved on an ACR, they remain at that school moving forward. 

(2) A district-led team will meet three times during the school year to review unique cases when families are requesting to move, mid-year, from one school to another. 

Mid-Year School Location Requests

Reach out to Eric or me if you have questions about this.


Here is the messaging sent to families about mid year ACR’s:

Once a student’s area change request has been approved, the student’s requested school becomes the student’s permanent (or home) school. 

Requests to move during the 22-23 school year will be considered two weeks prior to semester 2. 

Requests to move to a choice high school during the 22-23 school year will be considered two weeks prior to trimesters 2 and 3.

Moving between schools is not considered best practice and students risk losing credits.


From Heather Stuart and Aimee Snyder: A training for UpShift Coordinators and Specialists has been scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 7th at Bend Senior High from 1:00pm-4:00pm. We will have additional trainings in the near future (later Sept/Oct).


From Stephen: We’ve heard a lot of questions recently regarding the 0-4 scale and dual credit courses.  Our expectation as a district is that all classes will eventually transition to a 0-4 grading scale, dual credit included.  If you are moving your site to 0-4 this year, please know we support staff using the 0-4 scale in the articulated courses.  If a teacher hears of an issue from one of our community college partners, we would like those concerns routed to Stephen and Katie.  


From Stephen: As we move forward with many of our classrooms using the 0-4 scale, it is important to be aware of a flaw with using the Canvas gradebook.  Canvas has percentages on the 0-100 scale hardwired to the letter grade.  Basically, it is not possible to show students their grade without showing them a percentage.  We have been able to compensate for this by changing the 100-point scale to match our 0-4 scale.  However, you will need to bring your stakeholders up to speed to ensure they understand this quirk.  The important piece is that the letter grades a student sees is correct and can be trusted.  Students and families should just ignore the percentage as it is not helpful.  

We’ve asked Canvas for a workaround, but their only solution was very expensive and only worked for the desktop version.  We know most of our students and families use the mobile version, so we decided to pass on spending such a large sum of money.  We will continue to investigate with Canvas to determine if we can remove the percentage from the visual.

Here is a chart that shows how we’ve altered the 100 percentage to match our new 0-4 scale.  This version is for high school, but middle school is the same without the plus and minus delineation. 

Additionally, there is language in the FAQ that was sent out earlier for parents you can use.  

Of note, Synergy can display a decimal instead of a percentage next to a grade but using ParentVUE would mean staff would once again be responsible for keeping up two gradebooks.  Our team determined this was not a favorable option.

Finally, it is important for staff to know that EVERY single assignment in Canvas needs to be entered into the gradebook with a maximum of four.  If teachers want certain assignments to be worth more, they should create weighted categories. Things will get out of place very quickly otherwise.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Stephen. 


From Education Foundation for Bend-La Pine

Greetings — WELCOME BACK-TO-SCHOOL!  With a brand-new school year, excitement is in the air!  We know our K-12 educators are working hard planning, developing, and executing stellar programs and curriculum for our Bend-La Pine students.  To help with that, we are offering our 2022 Back-to-School Classroom Grant opportunity for funding.  Please see the attached Classroom Grant Guidelines and Classroom Grant Application, both of which can also be found on our website.  We understand that the first few weeks of school are busy, so the deadline for applications is Friday, October 15, 2022, and all application requests must be emailed to our office at this email address:  [email protected] 

Funding decisions and fund distribution will occur November 1, 2022.

The Education Foundation for Bend-La Pine Schools is an independent non-profit 501(c)3 that has aided local schools since 1988.  Our mission is to prepare our students for success and the future through educational and extracurricular opportunities.  Since 2003, the Education Foundation has invested over $2.1 million into local schools through endowments, special projects, and our main programs.  For more information about the Education Foundation, please visit our website at  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or our Program Coordinator Jessie Norman at [email protected].  We look forward to receiving your applications and continuing to help make opportunities possible for our students and teachers!  


From Alandra – last call to send me photos/videos of how you kicked off the year as a staff. I have been absolutely loving these! (Due end of the day Thursday.) – Alandra 


Bias Incident Reporting Posters – Here are the English, Spanish, and Chinese posters that we discussed at administrator retreats.  Please print and post in a few locations in your building.  Recommended: front entry/lobby, counseling office, staff work room, your weekly staff blog.

You are welcome to “try out” the tool, to see how it is laid out and increases access to a few different reporting pathways.  Just note “test only” if you are going to hit submit on a test run, please!  

As a reminder, coming soon is a student iPad short-cut to a webpage with the form linked, as well as student lessons on bias and how to use this tool (more on that Sept 12th).  In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns, reach out to Kinsey.


Family Liaison Team – Here is our 22-23 team of Family Liaisons!  Many of you have already invited your assigned liaison to your upcoming staff and family events—thank you.  Some members of this team are still waiting on their BLS badges.  If they arrive to visit your school, they’ll bring other ID for now—thank you for making sure your office team knows to welcome them as colleagues.  

Some liaisons are very part-time (5 hours a week), to support district-wide family engagement efforts.  They can support individual school needs—we will just need to coordinate and partner thoughtfully on requests for their time, to be respectful of boundaries.  If you have questions about coordinating services, case loads, or schedules, reach out to Kinsey.  If you have a specific request of the liaison team, reach out to any member of the group!  As shared earlier this week, we are waiting on some phone systems, therefore email is still the recommended contact method for a few more days.  


Community Resources and Organizations – Just a reminder that once a year our community organizations and resources may set up a table at an open house, curriculum night or during parent conferences. 


Sustainability with Jackie Mueller With the start of the school year comes the opportunity to get your school involved in the district sustainability program, SustainBLS. In the 19-20 school year, we had 70% involvement. Even with the challenges in the 21-22 school year, BLS managed to keep 57% of schools involved. One of the goals in the sustainability plan is to have 100% of schools involved by 2025. You can assist us reach that goal by recruiting a staff member to serve as the Sustainability Advisor (SA). The SA works with green team students and the whole school community on saving resources, sustainable actions and creating a culture of stewardship. Please review the linked/attached document to learn more. Staff can take 40 hours at the curriculum rate to support this program. Teachers interested in  learning more can review the teacher document linked/attached or reach out to me directly at [email protected]  Thank you for supporting sustainability in BLS.



First Week of School, September 7, 8 and 9:

ABC Rotation calendars for 22-23: We are beginning our ABC rotation for the 22-23 school year during the first week of school. Here is the English version and the Spanish version. 

Wednesday, Sept 7: Ninth grade only day with Link Crew Leaders

Thursday, Sept 8:  A Day Grades 9-12 attend

Friday, Sept 9:  B Day

If you plan to adjust your daily schedule on Thursday or Friday of this first week – or any other day, remember to think through and plan how that will impact the schedules of the teachers you share with other schools!  Please proactively communicate with the admin of the other school AND with the teacher who is impacted.

Leading in schools is hard work and what an HONOR it is to do the work we are called to do…

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