September 9, 2022

To Do:

From Kinsey re: Principals’ Professional Learning Session: Here is the agenda for our time together Mon the 12th at Trinity Episcopal Church on Wall Street.  Please note the location and plan accordingly so we can start right at 3:00pm.  All you need to bring is a writing utensil!


From Dean: The Grad Coaches will be meeting monthly as a group and once a month with Dean.  There are many new Grad Coaches and the group meeting will be important for them to attend for their professional development and as a support to one another.  Please be sure they attend these meetings. The dates are: 9/20, 10/18, 11/15, 1/17, 2/14, 3/14, 4/18, 5/16


From Jennifer: Please send home this information about Care Solace to your families by the end of next week: English and Spanish.


STUDENT OPPORTUNITY: Care Solace Youth Advisory CouncilIn an effort to further support mental health in your community, we are looking for students 16 and up to participate in our Care Solace Youth Advisory Council. The Council will share their thoughts and opinions about mental health and how we can build supportive systems tailored to their needs. To do this, we need your help! Please share this information with your school staff and any potential candidates. Learn more and download the flyer we created for you to distribute by clicking the link below. 
Download Youth Advisory Council Flyer


From Scott in District Safety: Here are important emergency numbers and the new SRO assignments. See you at the first District Safety Meeting September 26.


From our TLC Directors: ICCL/Administrator meetings: Please ensure you have communicated our administrator/ICCL training dates to your ICCL members.  These trainings are scheduled 4-6 on the following dates: 10/4, 12/6, 2/7, and 4/4. We will communicate the locations at a later date.


From Scott McDonald re: New Staff Portal and MFA (multi factor authentication)

The most common feedback from the launch of the new portal has centered around how often staff are asked to complete Multifactor Authentication (MFA).  Please consider sharing our new MFA Tips link with your staff.  Making the suggested changes will considerably reduce the number of times a user is asked to complete MFA.


Another from Scott re: MS Bookings – Appointment Calendar – We have had several requests from users to provide a tool for appointment scheduling.  In response, we have enabled Bookings”.  This solution is a great starting point because it automatically links to your Outlook calendar.  A few of us in IT have been using it this summer and are happy with the results.  You can learn more about Microsoft Bookings by going to this site.  Otherwise, it is pretty simple to set up:

  1. In a web browser search for Microsoft 365. Sign in with your district log in credentials.  
  2. Find the “waffle” icon in the top right corner and choose “Bookings”.
  3. Name and create your appointment calendar.
  4. Click “Bookings Page” to get a link to share with your audience.

You can communicate your Bookings calendar by adding the link to your outlook email signature or however you see fit. 


From Tami Pike regarding Fanny Pack First Aid Kits: We have received numerous requests for fanny pack first aid kits. Schools were provided with a supply when they first came out. We are currently out of filled fanny pack first aid kits. We have new fanny packs on order. We will send out communication to office managers when they are back in stock. 

Fanny Pack prices:

Filled first aid packs – $32.50 each

Empty first aid fanny packs – $5 each

COVID-19 Positive Reporting

Please remember to complete the Bend-La Pine Schools COVID-19 Reporting Form when staff report that they have COVID-19. It is preferred that staff report to their office manager, so the school is aware of the absence. Our COVID-19 support team do not report absences to schools. **No need to text Tami, Michelle, or the school nurse. We will be notified when a new form has been submitted. 

**Please note that there is not a COVID-19 support team member on call for COVID-19 cases reported after 5pm on weekdays or on the weekends/holidays. A COVID-19 support team member will follow up with positive cases on the next school day. 


Update from HR on UKG system transition: Welcome Back to the 2022-23 School Year — we’re excited about some new things we’ve been working on in Human Resources and the Business Office, and want to provide you with an update on the infrastructure systems project you may have heard us talking about throughout the past few months!

Last school year, the district contracted with a company called UKG to purchase its human capital management system, which is comprised of several modules: Time & Leave Management (which will replace Kronos, for those who were already on automated timekeeping), Human Resources Information Systems (Employee Profile and Position Control), Training, and Evaluation. This product will replace several current manual processes and non-integrated automated systems. The first of these modules to “Go Live” this year will be Time & Leave Management, followed by the HRIS features mid-year, and finally by the Training and Evaluation functionality which will become effective next school year.

Implementation of the first of these phases, Time & Leave Management, is coming up very quickly, and we have a lot of immediate work in front of us to train folks up for its use. Automated Time & Leave Management functionality will be utilized for the entire organization; BLS will move completely away from paper time and leave management, and pivot entirely to a single electronic submission and approval process. The current goal is to move into this functionality beginning with the October 17th – November 6th time keeping period, with “Go Live” on October 17th.

Time reporting will be slightly different for hourly employees than for salaried employees: hourly employees will both enter time worked and also submit leave requests for paid and unpaid leave times, whereas salaried employees already have presumptive calendars assigned to them and will generally submit only leave requests for paid and unpaid leave times from work (an exception to this general rule is that salaried employees will use the system to submit authorized timesheeted hours worked outside of the scheduled calendar). Leave requests and timesheets will automatically forward to employees’ Supervisors, who will review and either approve or return the submission back to the employee for revision or additional information. 

Human Resources and the Business Office are presently working together to develop training materials and videos that we can share with you, and in turn with your staff, together with planning in-person and WebEx training sessions, so that everyone can easily and efficiently learn how to use the Time & Leave Management reporting system. One aspect of the Time & Leave Management tool that we are particularly excited about is that there will be some functionality that is accessible from a smart phone app — this will assist in making the Time & Leave Management tool more equitably accessible to those who do not work in assignments with convenient computer access.

So, stay tuned — we will be reaching out with additional information over the next several weeks and months as we move towards “Go Live” with the Time & Attendance Management module, and then later this year with the HRIS module. We thank you in advance for your patience with the inevitable growing pains this will entail, yet look forward to working together in implementing this exciting work process improvement tool throughout the year. Here is a video that outlines the transition. Warmly – Steve and Leah


September 12: Principal PD 3:00-4:30 in Fireside Room of the Trinity Episcopal Church  (469 NW Wall St, right by the Ed Center) BLS Principal Meeting

September 13: HS Admin Work Session 8:00-9:30 @ Summit HS Library. Principals have the option of assigning one assistant principal/Dean remain in your building for supervision.

September 21: Upshift Coordinator Training 1:30-2:30 location TBD

September 21: Upshift Specialist Training 2:30-4:30 location TBD

September 26: Assistant Principal/Dean Work Session 7:30-8:30 at Ed Center in Board Room

September 26: District Safety Team meeting 8:30-9:30 (Safety leads required to attend)

September 27: HS Admin Work Session 8:00-9:[email protected] LPHS Library

October 4: ICCL/Administrator Work Session 4-6pm

October 10: Principal PD 3:00-4:30

October 11: HS Administrator Work Session 8:00-9:30 @MVHS Library

October 14: SIF and HSS Discretionary budgets due.

October 19: Stats I Training 12-4 @ HDESD building in Redmond. This training is required for all administrators and Deans. Contact Eric Powell to sign up or if you have questions.

October 24: Assistant Principal/Dean Work Session 7:30-8:30 at Ed Center in Board Room.

October 25: HS Administrator Work Session 8:00-9:30 @Realms

How Hicks welcomes his newest Cougars:

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