December 1st Update

Extra Materials Available!

Would you like to have some extra Wonders books, Amplify resources, and more? Here’s a list of what’s available. Please understand there are limited quantities of these extra items. Email Lindsley Gehrig if you’re interested in any of the listed materials.

Math Happenings

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Math Problem Solving
This is a great video podcast with Dan Meyer, Bethany Lockhart Johnson and  Fawn Nguyen about math problem solving.  What is it and how to promote it?

Great Read
“With so many interruptions and variations in student experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are those who assume that students will have lost a year or more of learning. But students did learn during the pandemic.” So begins Continuing the Journey: Mathematics Learning 2021 and Beyond, a joint publication from NCTM, NCSM, and ASSM.

Inclusive Practices Spotlight

What do INCLUSIVE PRACTICES look like in team infrastructure?

  • Case management structure runs across varying disability types and severity.
  • Educational assistants are not assigned to support only one teacher or only one student.
  • Inclusion is considered when determining the master schedule.
  • Labels of programs and positions focus upon inclusive language (Learning Specialist VS. ERC Teacher/Life Skills Teacher, etc.)
  • School team and service providers meet regularly to discuss students and have shared ownership over student needs in the school.

Technology: Webex Update

“The Cisco team worked collaboratively with Apple to redesign the Webex app for iPad from the ground up resulting in an experience that is more simple, powerful, and versatile than ever. The updated app is now available for devices running iOS15!”

Deleting the Webex app from the iPad, and reinstalling it from Self Service will ensure the app is up to date.

Read more in this Webex blog post and watch this 1-minute video.

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