May 4th Update

Happy Educator Appreciation Week

Literacy Happenings

Here is a quick resource around phonological/phonemic awareness from Heggerty. It was a quick webinar I joined designed to support parents and teachers. Take a peek for a reminder of ideas to try in your classroom OR ideas you can share with parents for summer. Here is a two-pager you could share with parents!

Summer and Fall Foundational Skills Courses
Sign up for our summer and fall foundational skills courses now! Here is a list of our class offerings with all the details: descriptions of what to expect, credit opportunities, video showing how to sign up on performance matters … the works! Hope to see you there! Recommendation for SpEd, Title and Reading Interventionists:  Choose one of the “Reimagining Foundational Skills” to attend – you can choose if K-2 or 3-5 is of most interest for you for your day 189. 

Math Happenings

Oregon Math Leaders
OML registration is open! Join with other teachers from across the state who are passionate about teaching mathematics for a couple of days of “math camp” this summer to share your love of teaching.

5th Grade Teachers

Optional: You can give your 5th graders a leg up as they move into middle school!  We have an optional Canvas course for 5th grade students, Step Up to Middle School. Step Up is a course designed to:

  • introduce 5th grade students to Canvas
  • prepare 5th grade students for the transition to Middle School

5th grade teachers, your class roster is ready to go! Please read more in this Quick Start: Step Up to Middle School guide for teachers. This course is designed to take approximately 5 days, 30-45 minutes per day.

Questions? Please contact:
[email protected], [email protected], or [email protected]

Social Emotional & Mental Well-Being

Bend-La Pine Schools will continue to pilot Harmony next year in grades K-5. There will be more opportunities for training on the curriculum in the future. Below are quick links to help educators navigate through the different parts of Harmony.

Coming soon there will be quick links to the new resources and units found on Harmony’s website. Please email [email protected] with any questions.


Helpful ideas about using iCloud and Google Drive for photo storage can be found in this recent blog post: Cleaning Up Photos on iPads

Inclusive Practices

What do INCLUSIVE PRACTICES look like in collaborative partnerships

  • All teachers have opportunities to collaborate and plan with the service providers that support their students. 
  • Sufficient time is available to support quality planning for all teachers. 
  • Sufficient time is available for service providers to meet with all planning teams they are a part of. 
  • All faculty members are knowledgeable of the contents of each student’s IEP for whom they are responsible. 
  • Service providers (Learning Specialists, OT, SLP, etc) promote the use of their services within the context of the population of the whole school.

Adorable Springtime Art from Juniper

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