January 24th Update

Snowy trees at Pine Ridge Elementary


Trauma-Informed Report Card Comments

Report cards are right around the corner! The book Classroom 180 has some great resources on writing trauma-informed report card comments. Check them out here.

Social Emotional and Mental Well-Being

REMINDER: After completing a Wayfinder lesson, please mark a lesson/activity complete. This document shows you how to do this. Checking it off is part of a successful implementation and allows us to see which lessons/activities have been completed.

Collection Feature: Self Care for Students
This collection encourages students to prioritize self-care and well-being activities, lessons, and discussions that promote healthy self-reflection, and positive self-care practices.

Directions on how to find the collections in Wayfinder
Direct Links
1st – 2nd
3rd – 5th

Movement Moments

Good 4 You PE Dance
Head Shoulder Knees and Toes Dance
Freeze Dance (Fun)
I can’t Monster Cosmic Kids Mindfulness
8 Minute Spin the Wheel Workout for Kids

Technology in the Classroom

Seesaw student journals are a great way to provide families with a window into the classroom. Teachers and students have the ability to post videos into student journals for families to check out what is happening. Next time you are on a field trip, teaching a hands-on science activity, or playing a math game, think about sharing with families.

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