February 21st Update

Artwork from Miller Elementary School


First Grade Classroom Visitations with Julie Walker

Bend La Pine’s Early Literacy vision is that ALL students are able to read grade level text by the end of 2nd grade.  As part of Bend La Pine’s Early Literacy plan we have built in funds to focus on the following:
1. RGR and EL curriculum implementation
2. Growing literacy expertise and empowering educators to move student achievement forward
3. LETRS and OG training
4. High Dosage Tutoring

Our grant planning committee has designated first grade as a focal point for this work.  First grade is a critical growth year in early literacy development.  In order to focus the funds on the most impactful initiatives, I would appreciate the opportunity to visit classrooms and hear from 1st grade teachers about the strengths and possible barriers in your foundational skills instruction.  This is not meant to be an observation but an opportunity for me to learn more.  Sign up here to schedule a visit!

EL Education Adoption

EL Education was adopted by the School Board as our next K-5 ELA Curriculum on February 13th.  Implementation work will now begin.  Educator Network Day on April 24th from 2:00-3:15 will be our first all elementary classroom teacher introduction to EL.  Be on the lookout for the “2024 Summer Professional Learning” brochure, which will have all options for training and courses available this summer.  This brochure will be shared with all staff the week before Spring break.  Please reach out with any questions. 

Math Happenings

Forefront Dashboards! You will notice you now have a Dashboard in the sidebar of Forefront. This was created to help facilitate Mid-Year Core Instruction Check-ins that you are doing in your buildings. There is grade level data with questions to reflect on. Reach out to Kerry Morton or your Instructional Coach if you have any questions.

Social Emotional and Mental Well-Being

Raise awareness about bullying and its impact through activities and discussions that promote empathy, respect, and the development of proactive measures to prevent bullying.

Directions to Getting the Collections on the Wayfinder Website
Bully Prevention

Direct Links
1st – 2nd
3rd – 5th

Movement Moments

Disney Would You Rather
The Minions Chase and Freeze
Bluey Yoga Freeze Dance
Yoga for Kids – Storyhive

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