April 3rd Update

Bunny Art at North Star Elementary

Spring Conferences

Spring conferences are right around the corner – check out these resources to help with planning!

Supporting English Learners

As conferences are approaching, be sure to connect with your language specialist at your school to ensure interpreters are scheduled for your multilingual learners. Here are some tips for working with an interpreter. Conferences with an interpreter typically take longer, so keep that in mind when blocking out time for meeting with multilingual learner families. Also, if you need to translate any documents for conferences, use Linguist Link. For those that might need a refresher, there is a very helpful tab found at the top of the Linguist Link webpage called “How Does It Work?”. From there you will find this video demo, and other helpful information.

Social Emotional & Mental Well-Being

Digital Citizenship for 3rd  – 5th graders in Wayfinder’s Collections
Equip students with essential digital literacy skills and promote responsible online behavior, empowering them to navigate the digital world safely, critically evaluate information, and become responsible digital citizens.
Direct Link
Directions on how to find this collection in Wayfinder

Game Collections in Wayfinder
Engage students in fun and interactive games that promote engagement. This collection includes games that encourage cooperation, adaptability, and connection.
Directions on how to get to the collections in Wayfinder

Direct Links
1st – 2nd 
3rd – 5th

Movement Moments

Would you Rather Spring Edition PE with Mr G
Bluey Spring Run 
Be Flexible – Body Breathing
Be Brave – Yoga for Kids

Technology in the Classroom

Seesaw Update

  • 📚 Library : Check out this month’s featured collections , including lessons for Earth Day on April 22nd!! Share the April Classroom Dailies .
  • 🎥 Seesaw Webinars: Come learn with Seesaw Experts during Seesaw’s new Webinar Series . April’s theme is SPED and the Power of the Learning Loop. Can’t attend live? Not a problem! Register and receive a recording of the session.  
  • 🌟Highlights: Bring the learning journey to life with interactive portfolios and journal pages! Explore the collection here .

Bring Innovation to Your Classroom
This is a friendly reminder that the The Instructional Technology team has some great resources available for you to use in your classroom, including Sphero Bolts, Ozobots, Bee-Bots, and Sphero Indi. Check out this post to learn more about them and request a set to be delivered to your classroom!

Flowers at Pine Ridge Elementary

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