Monday AM Notes September 4

Happy First Monday,
It’s show time, hoping you are feeling ready to go!  Just a few notes to kick off this first week:

  1. I sent an email with a tentative schedule for the first two weeks of community building–please have a look at it as soon as possible and feedback any adjustments that you think need to be made.  Wednesday’s partnerships (10:30-11:30): Gr 2/5, Gr 1/4, Kinder/3
  2. I’d like to keep the morning Choice supervision rotation the same this year.  With the addition of an additional EA we will have lots of coverage on the playground so this may be a great opportunity for you to get out and play (if all other areas are covered).  As a reminder: Amanda (Mon), Frans (Tues), Heidi (Wed), Wendy (Thur), Matt (Fri), Lindsey as needed.
  3. Community Time starts at 9am today.  We’ll have a song with Dale and then the staff intros via pictures from the summer.
  4. Let’s work together to really launch our school-wide stewardship from Day 1.  Starting with a  “Leave No Trace” ethic will be a good start–essentially, if you used it put it back where you got it from, if you made a mess (which we embrace!) make sure you clean it up.  Please be sure to leave time at the end of each day to take care of classroom chores and clean around around campus.  Let’s hold the kids accountable!  Together we can instill an very important ethic in our kiddos and give them an enhanced sense of ownership of Amity!
  5. Starting Thursday Jim will be gone until next Friday (14th).  The person covering for him is named Lewis, some of you may have met him this summer (he was cleaning Matt’s windows during one of our meetings…).  He’ll be here from 11am into the evenings starting Thursday.

Upcoming dates
*September 10-14: Scholastic Book Fair—stock up on new books for the first part of the school year.
*September 14: Back to School Concert on the Green—It’s back for a second year!  Picnic and music on the field here at school–more details coming soon.  5-8pm @Amity
*September 19: Back to School Night, starts at 5:30pm. Child care will be available.
*September  20-21: Fall Camp Amity!
*September 21: Annual Pancake Breakfast.  Join us for pancakes prepared by the staff. Breakfast is from 7-8:30am.
*October 3: School pictures—dress to impress

Let’s Teach Like Finland and keep joy a priority in the classroom!  Looking forward to a fantastic year ahead!