Monday AM Notes, June 12 2023

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls…this is it, the last week! It’s really hard to believe, but the year is coming to a close–and what a year it’s been! We have so much to be grateful for, and I look forward to celebrating this last week together.

I’d like to have a short (15 min) staff meeting today at 2:45. This will be a quick opportunity to make sure we are all good with the plan for the week. Brian’s room. Apologies for not getting this on your radar earlier, I hope all teachers can attend.

A few notes to get you going:
1) A big thanks to Lauren, Sara, Frans, and Brian for steeping out with something new and inviting parents in for Memory Book Night! From all accounts it sounds like it went great!

2) We’ll have regular Invitations on Monday, and don’t forget to sign up for the Thursday Invitation rotations: Invitation Rotations 2023.

3) Here’s a look at the week:

MondayLast Monday of the year-Enjoy!
TuesdayNew Kinder Orientation, 4:30-5pm
Family BBQ, 5-7pm (all hands on deck) 
Wednesday*Community Grade 5 Celebration, 8:30-9:30am
*Grade 5 Bike Adventure, 11am-1pm
*Water Day, 1:30-2:00pm (Sprinklers and water truck)

Full School Day, out at 2:30pm 
Thursday*All School Invitations, 3 rotations: 9:00-9:30/10:00-10:30/12:00-12:30
*Help get gym ready for Graduation, 2:45pm
*Grade 5 Family Grad, 5pm (arrive by 4:45) 
Friday*Staff-led Community Time
*Staff v Grade 5 Kickball, 9am (followed by recess)
*Memory Books, 10:30am (can continue in afternoon)
*Popsicles outside, 12:15pm
*Goodbyes in classroom, 12:45pm
*Last Day, out at 1pm! *Staff Gathering, 3pm (location TBD)

June 13: Family BBQ, 5-7pm. (Kinder Orientation 4:30-5pm)
June 14: Grade 5 Celebration and gifts
June 15: Grade 5 Graduation, 5pm
June 16: Last Day!

Here’s to a great last week!

Monday AM Notes, June 5 2023

School-wide theme for June: Gratitude

Hello Campers!
I hope you had a fantastic weekend–in a very short while everyday will be a Saturday! Two weeks to go, and I’m feeling so grateful for what has been a great year so far…

The last (my first!) Camp Amity of the year is this Monday and Tuesday! I’m beyond thrilled that we have been able to bring this back to life, and so happy I finally get to go! Please take a few minutes Monday morning to remind your kiddos about stewardship up at camp, as well as inclusivity. Also, as always please remind them about safety, especially related to water and stinging insects (I didn’t say the actual name so as not to curse it).

Happy Birthday to Sara this week–Wednesday!

A few notes to get us going:
1) If you are wanting to make any purchases for your classroom before the end of the year please note that whatever you are ordering has to be received here at school by June 22. At this point it is best to check with Patti before making any purchases.

2) Memory Book Night for Grades 2/3/4 this Thursday from 4:30-6:30pm. I’m super excited to see how this goes!

3) Volunteer Appreciation Tea on Friday at 8:30am. I’d like to purpose that we have a 15 minute playtime outside from 8:30-8:45 so that you have an opportunity to share your thanks with the volunteers. EAs can cover this. Each of you will have an opportunity to share your thanks, and it’s ok to highlight a person or two who have really gone above and beyond. For example, I will be giving extra thanks and appreciation to Chris Bachtel (Bread and Jam, Cafe Amity), Mandy (running club), FOA board members, Cari (Harvest Fest and Auction), and Angela (auction, book fair, so much more).

4) Don’t forget to sign up for the Invitation rotations for next week:
Invitation Rotations 2023. We’ll still have Invitations on Monday of the last week and this will replace the Thursday Invitations.

Lastly, I will be out on Thursday this week. My mom is coming to town for Kaila’s graduation and she’ll be here for less than 48 hours-if I don’t take Thursday off I will barely get to see her! I will be available by text and phone is you need me-please don’t hesitate to reach out.

June 5/6: Camp Amity
June 7: Last SIW of the year and it’s all yours!
June 8: Memory Book night for Grades 2/3/4, 4:30-6:30pm
June 9: Volunteer Appreciation Tea, 8:30am
June 13: Family BBQ, 5-7pm. (Kinder Orientation 4:30-5pm)
June 14: Grade 5 Celebration and gifts
June 15: Grade 5 Graduation, 5pm
June 16: Last Day!

Here’s to a phenomenal week ahead!