Monday AM Notes, January 27

Good Morning All!
Well, we survived a challenging week of illness at school and I hope we all continue to stay strong and healthy! We have another short week with kids this week with a work day on Friday–a good chance to catch up and connect! Would be fun to all have lunch together on Friday, and/or drinks after work.

Someone recently tried to make a pun about sickness, but it flu over my head..

A few notes to get you going:
1) Time to start planning for the Variety Show. We’ll discuss at our Staff Meeting tomorrow. 2:45pm in Frans’ room.

2) Music update: Janelle will no longer be teaching music, so music class is temporarily on hold as we figure out how to move forward. I’m in conversation with Deb Mata who may be able to cover but is currently only available on Wednesdays. I’ll keep you posted.

PE Schedule without music:
10:00-10:30: 4/5 Group 1
10:30-11:00: 4/5 Group 2
11:45-12:15: Kinder
12:15-12:45: Grade 1
1:35-2:00: Grade 2 (directly from Choice Time)
2:00-2:30 Grade 3

**Please walk your class to and from PE, this will greatly help!

3) This Thursday at 3pm we will be hosting a presentation on PANDAS (pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcus) by Dr Janelle Payne and Vanessa Cardui. You are invited to join and I think you will find it extremely insightful, and I do believe we will be seeing more and more children with this diagnosis in our schools. A few teachers from Highland will also be joining us.

4) If you have not done so already, please take a few minutes to chat with your class about expectations in the hallway during Choice Time–the hallways are for quiet visiting with friends, eating snack, reading a book, playing a game (board), etc. Students who are using the hall for any other reason should be asked to head outside or to the gym. Thanks!

5) I’ve requested a few times that you make sure to return any PE equipment you use for class activities and invitations to it’s rightful place. Please make the extra effort to return equipment after you are done using it as I am finding equipment on the stage almost every day.

Some of you may believe in the concept of the Magic Coffee Table effect when it comes to PE equipment–for your viewing pleasure: Magic Coffee Table

5) We’re showing some really great improvement in terms of our energy use at Amity–we now qualify as an Energy Star School, meaning we are making good efforts to reduce our energy use! Please keep turning off lights any time you leave a room–your classroom, staff room, craft room, and especially the gym! And turning off power strips at the end of the day and for the weekend also help.

6) I have an admin meeting today so will be leaving a little before 3pm.

January 31: NO SCHOOL, teacher work day
February 4: DIBELS in AM
February 6/7: Grade 5 to Bend Science Station
February 7: Cafe Amity, Grade 1 hosts
February 12: EBISS
February 13: EA Meeting, 8:30am
February 17: NO SCHOOL, Presidents’ Day
February 26: Lottery Meetings, 2:30 and 5:30pm
March 5: Variety Show!
March 10/11: Lottery Tours (led by parents)

Here’s to a great 4 day week ahead!

Monday AM Notes (on Tues), January 21

Good Morning All!
I hope you enjoyed the long weekend, it was a welcome little break! We’ve got back to back 4 day weeks, and Camp Amity this Friday!

A big thanks to all of you for how you handled the big news about the remodel and the move to North Star last week, I greatly appreciate your understanding and support. Luckily we have lots of time to wrap our heads around the move and to start thinking about our future–wouldn’t want to do it with any other group of people!

A few notes to get you going:
1) Earthquake/Fire Drill on Wednesday at 9:20am. We’ll do Earthquake first and then evacuate for Fire.

2) When you leave your classroom for Choice or Invitations please be sure to lock your door.

3) NO STAFF meeting today (Tuesday). We’ll make time to chat about kiddos at SIW.

4) SIW this week–we’ll continue our discussion/planning for end of year Celebrations and see if we can agree on some key items. Also, I’d like to explore the idea of a Math Family Night. Frans had a mini Math Night back in December and the parents who attended really got a lot out of it.

SIW next week–Amanda will guide us as dive into some of Ross Greene’s work.

5) Field Trips this week
Thursday: Grade 5 to Bend Rock Gym
Friday: Everyone to Camp Amity!

6) Thursday at 5pm I’ll be hosting an open forum for parents with questions about the remodel/move to North Star. I had 3 parents show up for the afternoon session last Friday. No need for any of you to attend, just wanted to let you know. I’ve been able to answer many of the questions people have on the go via hallway chats, but there haven’t been a lot of questions yet. Overall the news was received with a lot of positive support!

January 24
: Camp Amity!
January 31: NO SCHOOL, teacher work day
February 29: Annual Auction

Here’s to a great week ahead!

Monday AM Notes, January 13

Happy Winter!
I’m loving all the snow and winter weather, hope you are too! Just in case, as a reminder, if there is a late start (2 hour delay) due to weather you are supposed to report to school as soon as you can safely do so. Our late start would be 10am with doors opening at 9:30am. If you haven’t already signed up with BL Connect to get notifications of weather delays and school cancellations be sure you do:

A few notes to get you going:
1) Staff meeting on Tuesday at 2:45 in Frans’ room

2) Fire Drill on Tuesday at 10:45am

3) Martin Luther King‘s actual birthday is on Wednesday of this week. I’ve seen that some of you are making time to honor MLK in your classes and I am hopeful that all of you will find time this month.

4) SIW this week–I’ll let you know what we’ll be doing on Wednesday at the Staff Meeting on Tuesday.

5) Art with Korey starts on Thursday! Same schedule as we’ve had all year.

6) If you’re offering drawing during Invitations and you’re allowing student to use their iPads, it’s very important that you monitor the images they are using and music they may be listening to.

7) EA meeting this Thursday at 8:30am

8) Field Trip this week:
*Grade 4 to Knott Landfill. I plan to join them from 9-11am (if the trip actually happens!).

9) My weekly plea, PLEASE work with your classes to clean up the hallway before they leave for the day. We’ve been leaving quite the mess for the custodial staff.

10) NO SCHOOL next Monday in honor of MLK

January 14: Fire Drill, 10:45am
January 15: Staff Meeting, 2:45pm. Frans’s room.
January 16: EA meeting, 8:30
January 20: NO SCHOOL, MLK day
January 24: Camp Amity!
January 31: NO SCHOOL, teacher work day

Here’s to a great, snowy week!

Monday AM Notes, January 6

Happy New Year!
I hope you’ve had an incredible break and that you’re full of excitement as we begin 2020! We have lots of great things to look forward in the coming year!

A few notes to get you going:
1) First, some really great news–Korey has agreed to return and teach art for the rest of the year! For those you who don’t know Korey she is the parent of two Amity graduates and taught art at Amity for several years. She’s great with the kids and knows her way around Amity. She also likes to do lots of clay work so the kiln will likely be in full use. She’ll start next week (1/16) so you won’t have art this Thursday and Friday. For your own records she’ll be out of town 2/27, 2/28 and 3/5 so there won’t be art those days. I know some of you were excited to pursue other ways to incorporate art into your classroom and I want to encourage you to continue to do so–if there are times you want to do your own art just let me and Korey know! There’s plenty of flexibility.

2) Reminder: Afternoon Choice Time coverage continues for the rest of the year–K-2 teachers on Monday and Tuesday, 3-5 teachers on Thursday and Friday. It’s important to get this in your weekly planning and communicate with each other to make sure there is coverage. Thanks to those of you who have been remembering to get out!

3) We honor Martin Luther King, Jr on January 20 (his birthday is on Jan 15) this year.  I am hoping that you will spend some time honoring MLK with your classes–I think it is really important to keep the memory of King alive and to share his message of love and courage each and every year.  If you are looking for ideas here are a few (of many!) links:

4) New Partnerships begin this week–please work with your partner to decide when you will regularly get together:
*Kinder and Grade 2
*Grades 1 and 4
*Grades 3 and 5

5) Self-portraits for the auction are due! Please drop them by the office.

6) Monthly EA meeting on Thursday, January 16th at 8:30.

7) Cafe Amity this week on Friday, Grade 2 hosts

8) NO Staff meeting this week. SIW time is Teacher Directed. I think this would be a good time to meet with your new partner teacher and do some planning–just one idea.

9) Printing/printer costs: Our printing costs are nearly doubled so far this year compared to last year. This kind of unexpected cost can really crush our budget and force us to cut out other priorities. We can easily reduce our costs by making sure to plan ahead and do as much printing as possible via the print shop. If you are not sure how to do this please work with Patti to get up to speed.

10) Patti is out today, Korey will be covering for her.

January 10: Cafe Amity, Grade 2 hosts
January 14: Fire Drill, 10:45am
January 16: EA meeting, 8:30
January 20: NO SCHOOL, MLK day
January 24: Camp Amity!
January 31: NO SCHOOL, teacher work day

Here’s to a great week!