Monday AM Notes, June 13 2022

A Very Happy Last Monday!
Well, we made it. What a (another!) crazy year it’s been! Let’s fully enjoy the kids and each other this week, it is definitely a week to celebrate!

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Noah who?
Noah more school – it’s summer vacation!

A few notes to get you going:

1) Schedule for the week

Tuesday*Community Grade 5 Celebration, 9:00-10:30
*3rd grade Garden celebration- 11:15-1
*1st Grade in the gym (1:30)
*4th Grade Water Balloons on the field (1:20-2:20)
WednesdayFull School Day, out at 2:30pm
*All School Invitations, 3 rotations: 9:00-9:30/10:00-10:30/12:00-12:30
*4th Grade Field Trip to Miller’s Landing (Brian + Brad) 1:20-2:20
*Help Ray hang art, 2:45pm
*Grade 5 Family Grad, 5pm (arrive by 4:45)
ThursdayLast Day, out at 1pm
*Staff v Grade 5 Kickball, 9am (followed by recess)
*Memory Books, 10:30am
*Staff Gathering, 3pm (location TBD)
FridayStaff work day
*Let’s have lunch together at 11:30 (outside or in staff room)-BYOF (food)

2) Grade 5 Community Graduation plans:
*Tuesday-We’ll start at 9am and break for recess after some abbreviated speeches and class gifts (K-2). After recess K-2 students do not need to rejoin the festivities, but they are welcome to (including if just a few students want to return). Grades 3 and 4 will return to gym for the duration (around 10:30).

Please have class gifts ready to go. Usually the teacher (or you could have students) says a little about the gift before presenting it to the class.

3) Family Graduation is Wednesday at 5pm, please arrive by 4:45. Ray will need help right after school hanging art work around the gym–thanks in advance for helping out! It usually only takes a few minutes if everyone is helping.

4) Invitation rotations on Wednesday. You’ll sign up to do one invitation and students will get to rotate to 3 different invitations. We’ll do 9:00-9:30, recess, 10:00-10:30, and then after lunch from 12:00-12:30. Be sure to sign up: Last Invitations

5) Memory Books and signing on Thursday. We’ll do a school wide Memory book signing from 10:30-11am on Thursday. With this in mind I suggest handing out the books earlier so that your students have time to sign each others books before the school wide time, during which time students can roam the hallways and visit classrooms. I recommend doing some hand stretches ahead of time, because you’ll have lots of signing to do! We’ll flow right into lunch after the signing but please make sure students don’t take their books out to lunch.

IMPORTANT signing guidelines: Please have a chat with your classes before they begin signing books and remind them about the sacredness of these books. Encourage them to write nice things to each other (or just sing their name) and to be considerate by not writing their name really big or in a place that the book owner doesn’t want them to (especially not on pictures). This generally is not a big issue but I have seen it enough that I’m writing this note!

6) Bend Brewing Company at 3pm on Thursday to celebrate!

7) Refrigerator alert! At the end of the day Friday the fridge will be emptied and cleaned so be sure you have all your stuff out of there.

8) Lastly, please make sure all counter space in your room is left completely free, and that you have put away as much stuff in your room as possible (in cabinets) so the cleaning crew can easily do their work. The easier the room is to clean, the deeper they will clean. Also, please make sure the kids help with the cleaning up, I think it’s an important part of the closure of the school year (and supports taking care of this place).

Signing off for the last time this year–let’s make this a fantastic week!

Monday AM Notes, June 6 2022

Believe it or not, this is the last full week of school! Lots of activities these last two weeks and I’m looking forward to enjoying them with you!

A big Happy Birthday to Sara to Tuesday this week!

A few notes to get you going:
1) Don’t forget to consult the Last Two Weeks of School schedule as you plan for these next two weeks: Last 2 Weeks

2) Family BBQ is tomorrow night, 5-7pm. We’re encouraging families to bring their own dish ware/utensils and camp chairs (the grass is likely to be a little wet). We’ll need help starting at 4:30pm getting some of the prep work done, and then we’ll need folks helping on the grills.

3) SIW on Wednesday is all yours, enjoy the time. A good time to get a few Grows and Glows done: Grows and Glows (End of Year Celebrations)

Also on Wednesday I’ll be dropping by to have you sign your SLGGs (remember those?), and for those on the evaluation cycle I would like a few minutes of your time to go over the evaluation. Please be sure your self-eval is done by then.

4) Invitations this week on Thursday at 1:45: Invitations

5) Fire Drill on Thursday at 9:20am

6) Water Fun on Friday, 1:30pm! The Bend Fire Dept is schedule to arrive at 1:30 to shower us with water. I’ll send home a note this week to parents to let them know and to send extra clothes for kiddos who will need them.

7) Grade 5 hosts Community Time this week-their last one ever! Please note this will be at 8:15am.

8) Next Tuesday we will have our Grade 5 community celebration. Plan on the celebration running from 9am until 10:30am with recess break in between. We’ll have Youngers there for just the first half hour, 9-9:30am. We’ll have Olders there for the whole time. Ray is working with his students to have a mini version of their graduation speech to share, not the full length versions that will be read on Wednesday. It should go very smoothly. Please be sure you have your Grade 5 gift ready to give. The teacher gift is the t-shirt that was designed by students.

June 7: Family BBQ, 5-7pm
June 9: Fire Drill @9:20am
June 10: Grade 5 hosts final CT, 8:15am
June 10: Water Play last part of the day, 1:30pm
June 14: Community Celebration of Grade 5, 9-10:30am (see note above)
June 15: Grade 5 Graduation, 5pm
June 15: Full school day, no early release
June 16: Last Day! 1pm dismissal
June 16: Staff gathering, 3pm (location TBD)
June 17: Teacher work day

Here’s to a great last full week!