Monday AM Notes, December 16

Good Morning!
The week has arrived–5 days until vacation! It’s been a bit of wild few weeks since Thanksgiving and I’m hoping this week goes great for everyone! Make sure to have fun with your kiddos this week!

A little Christmas humor:
Q. What’s a sheep’s favorite Christmas song?
A. “Fleece Navidad”!

A few notes to get you going:
1) As I have done for the last few years during the holidays I have made a donation to the Deschutes Children’s Foundations on behalf of the Amity staff. Want to know more about the work the foundation does?

2) Monday: Antarctica slide show with David Marchi, Talus’ dad at 8:30am today.

3) Wednesday: Quinn and Griffin’s grandfather will be doing a little entertaining—singing and playing music—on Wednesday at 12:30.  He performed last year and the kids loved it and he’s offering to return.  I’m hoping everyone can join.

4) Staff Appreciation Breakfast on Tuesday at 7:15. Hosted by district administration. Come hungry!

5) Staff meeting on Tuesday at 3pm. Let’s meet in Sara’s room.

6) SIW this week is teacher directed. Please discuss with each other how you’d like to use the time.

7) Please continue to think about End of Year Celebrations. We’ve agreed we want to try something new this year and I think it’s important to keep the conversation open and continuous. I will be sending you a copy of the Amity manifesto in a separate email.

8) PE/Music and Art continue as usual this week.

9) Any Friday theme ideas? Wild hat day?

10) After the break we honor Martin Luther King, Jr on January 20 (his birthday is on Jan 15) this year.  I am hoping that you will spend some time honoring MLK with your classes–I think it is really important to keep the memory of King alive and to share his message of love and courage each and every year.  If you are looking for ideas here are a few (of many!) links:

December 17: Staff Appreciation Breakfast, 7:15am
December 19: Holiday Meal, families are invited to join
December 23-January 3: NO SCHOOL–Winter Break!
January 10: Cafe Amity, Grade 2 hosts
January 20: NO SCHOOL, MLK day
January 24: Camp Amity!
January 31: NO SCHOOL, teacher work day

Here’s to a great week ahead!

Monday AM Notes, December 9

Good Morning!
What a great holiday party–great food, amazing company, hysterical gifts! Big thanks to Ray and Lorin for hosting! I think the laughter was just the boost I needed to propel me into the next two weeks.

A big Happy Birthday to Jim today! There will be treats to enjoy in the staff room.

A few notes to get you going:
1) EBISS this Wednesday. Tonya will be here to cover your classes.
8:30-9:00: Grade 5 
9:00-9:30: Grade 4
10:00-10:30: Grade 2
10:30-11:00: Grade 3
12:00-12:30: Kinder (kids will have PE with Mindy)
12:30-1:00: Grade 1 (kids will have PE with Mindy)

2) Shelter in Place drill on Tuesday at 9:20. Shelter in Place is most used for potentially damaging weather (windows breaking) or could be used in the case of harmful chemicals in the air. For this drill pull down the shades and move the kids as far away from the windows as possible. We’ll hold this for 5 minutes. We’ll announce it over the intercom.

3) SIW this week will focus on developing an alternative to narratives. I’ve sent a separate email linking you to the Google Doc we started weeks ago sharing ideas–please have a look before Wednesday and add thoughts and ideas. You can also link here: End of Year Celebrations

4) I’m meeting with EAs on Thursday at 8:30am. We’ll meet for about 30 minutes. K and 1 teachers please plan not to have your EA during this time (Grade 2 will be in art).

5) In an effort to start Community Time at 8am, please be sure to clear out your room by 7:55am whether or not the bell has been rung. I think it is really important that we make every effort to start at 8am each morning–if we keep stating late parents will become accustomed to it.

6) We’ll have two more rounds of Partnerships between now and the end of the year and each teacher pair will decide when to meet regularly. Next up are the following and I believe we agreed to start this after the Winter Break:
Grade 1 and 4
Grade 5 and 3
Grade 2 and Kinder

7) I have an admin meeting at Lava Ridge this afternoon so will be leaving around 2:45. Call or text if you need me.

8) Anyone have a good idea for a theme for this Friday? Fun hat? Fun socks? Favorite color or just colorful day? Fancy Dress Up? Let’s lock in today and share it with the community.

December 9: Lion’s Vision Screening, starting at 8:30am
December 10: Shelter in Place Drill, 9:20am
December 10: Staff Meeting, 2:45pm
December 11: EBISS
December 12: Dental Screenings, K-2 starting at 8:30am
December 12: EA Meeting, 8:30am
December 17: Staff Appreciation Breakfast, 7:15am
December 19: Holiday Meal, families are invited to join
December 23-January 3: NO SCHOOL–Winter Break!

Here’s to a great week ahead!