Monday AM Notes, October 1

Good Morning All,
I hope you had a great weekend, it’s definitely feeling like Fall!  I genuinely love this time of year with the crisp air, the colors, harvest time–so much to love!

I wanted to start with a couple of Thank Yous…
*Thanks to all of you for warmly welcoming Tonya last week!
*Thanks for your stewardship efforts, there have been noticeable improvements both in and out of the classrooms
*A big, heartfelt thank you for being so incredible during a challenging start to the school year, and for taking care of each other.  Towards the end of last week it really felt like we were hitting our stride and finding our Amity groove.  I truly appreciate your strength and resolve in getting through this first part of the year and for staying so positive and upbeat–I know it has not been easy.

Special note: We’ll have a special visitor for lunch today–Daniel is coming by for a visit!

A few notes to get us going:
1) We have a busy week on the assessment front. DIBELS on Tuesday morning, EasyCBM for Grades 1 & 2 on Wednesday (studio), and EasyCBM for Grades 3/4/5 (in classrooms) at various times throughout the week.

2) SIW this week: This week we will begin to dive in to Mathematical Mindsets.  I’m requesting that you do a little reading prior to our meeting on Wednesday.  Please read the introduction and Chapter 1 in preparation for our meeting.  I believe that each of you has already received a copy of the book, but if you haven’t please see me today and I’ll give you a copy.  We’ll start our meeting at 3pm to give you a little extra time to complete the reading.  In the future I’ll try to give at least a week notice about readings for SIW.  Please come ready to share your highlights from the reading.

3) School pictures on Wednesday

4) Field Trip Requests: Thanks to those of you who are making sure to fill out these requests.  The forms are extremely helpful in tracking field trips and being sure we have done all the needed preparation, and they will help us from year to year.  Please remember to fill out a request for all trips.

5) Dates on the calendar: Please remember to add your field trip dates as well as celebrations, presenters, and all other import dates to the calendar in the office.  On a daily basis we refer to this calendar and many important decisions are made using the calendar.  We can easily avoid double booking or missing events if we keep the calendar up to date.

6) Please remember there is NO ART THIS WEEK.

7) I’ll be leaving school at 3:00pm today for an admin meeting across the street–call or text if you need anything.

*Oct 2: DIBELS in AM
*Oct 1-5: EasyCBM
~Grade 1 on Wednesday @10:30
~Grade 2 on Wednesday @12:30
~Grades 4/5 on Monday, Grade 3 TBD
*Oct 3: School Pictures.  Patti has extra forms and you can also remind parents that they can order on-line (another reminder will be sent today in the October Newsletter).
*Oct 20: Harvest Festival, 4-7pm.  Hope you can make it!

Here’s to a great week ahead!

14 thoughts on “Monday AM Notes, October 1”

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