Monday AM Notes, November 5

Good Morning Fine People,
Hoping your weekend was wonderful and fun-filled!  We’ve got this week and next week (only a 4 day week!), and then  a much anticipated and well deserved Thanksgiving Break!  Lots of great stuff going on between now and then.

I was inspired by Grade 1’s joke telling last week so I’ll start with two jokes.  In the spirit of our math journey the first one is a math joke:  Did you hear about the mathematician who is afraid of negative numbers?  He’ll stop at nothing to avoid them.

Joke 2: Did you hear about the new restaurant in town called Karma?  There’s no menu, you get what you deserve.

A few notes to get you going:
1) We have officially launched a coin drive to support our Sparrow Alexander.  There is a large glass bottle in the hallway near the office.  Please encourage your students and families to participate.

2) Dale is out this week, Deb Mata is here in his place.  Deb has done a wonderful job covering for Dale in the past so things should be smooth.

3) Please remember that we are shifting supervision duty at Choice Time to the afternoons.  In case you forgot your day:
Mon: Amanda
Tues: Frans
Wed: Heidi
Thurs: Wendy
Fri: Matt

4) Grade 4 is off to the High Desert Museum on Tuesday

5) Grade 1 is hosting Cafe Amity.

6) I will be gone all day on Wednesday.  NO SIW this week, please use the time as you need.

7) Veteran’s Day lunch on Friday.  All vets and current servicemen and women are invited to join us for lunch for free.

8) Picture Retakes this Friday–8:30am for staff, 9:00am for students

9) Looking ahead to next week, Family Night Bingo is next Wednesday, November 14 from 5-7pm.

10) I have an admin meeting today and will be leaving campus around 3pm.

Coming soon:
*November 12: Veteran’s Day, NO SCHOOL
*November 14: Family Night Bingo, 5-7pm
*November 14-16: Clothing Exchange on the stage.  No use of the stage for these 3 days.
*November 15: Holiday Meal, families invited to join (see newsletter for more info)
*November 16: College Day, come in your favorite colors

Here’s to a great week ahead!

5 thoughts on “Monday AM Notes, November 5”

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