Monday AM Notes, December 3

Good Morning Fine People,
I hope the weekend was good!  In honor of winter’s formal arrival, a winter joke: How does a snowman get around? He rides an icicle!

A few notes to get us going:
1) Remember that amazing song that Callie Thomas and Ian Rankin wrote and sang at graduation last year?  Well, they will be at Amity at 3pm this Thursday to teach the song to the entire school!  And, they plan to be at our December 12 Song and Sing-a-long to sing the song as well.  We’ll meet in the gym at 3pm.

2) Our Song and Sing-a-long is next Wednesday, December 12. I have sent a note to parents (and they’ll get another one today in the December newsletter) about the event.  One really important piece of information that I am reminding them about is the limited seating that will be available for the event.  If you include a reminder in your weekly note this week and next week about the limited seating it will be very helpful!  Also, remember we said we wanted to go for drinks after!

3) SIW this week–we will discuss Chapter 4 in Mathematical Mindsets.  Please come ready to share thoughts about  this chapter and what we have read so far.  2:30 in Heidi’s room.

4) Next Thursday and Friday (Dec 13/14) we will have the inflatable planetarium here in the afternoon.  I am still waiting to hear about scheduling classes, and as soon as I do I’ll let you know.

5) Grade 4 hosts Cafe Amity this week

6) Next Wednesday, December 12 is our next EBISS meeting

7) I’ll be leaving around 3pm today for an admin meeting.  Call or text if you need anything.

8) Matt is out today, Mackenzie is here.  Jim is also out today and Andrea will be covering for him.  Please make extra efforts to be good stewards today and help Andrea out by doing some extra cleaning with your kiddos.  Thanks!

Here’s to a fantastic week!

24 thoughts on “Monday AM Notes, December 3”

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