AM Notes, February 11

Good Morning All,
Last week was a bit disjointed with several of you away from school for a couple of days–I look forward to having everyone back and healthy this week!

A joke to start us off: What do you call an imaginary color? A pigment of your imagination.

Lost to share this week as we get going…
1) Math Screeners this week. Tonya will be here all week covering your classes:
Mon-Grade 3
Tues-Grade 1
Wed-Grade 5
Thurs-Grade 4
Fri-Grade 2

2) Hallway stewardship has been a bit lax in the last few weeks. Please take a little extra time this week getting your kiddos on board with helping to keep the hallway clean, especially at the end of the day. Thanks!

3) MAC Survey is on Tuesday. You should be getting an email about this.

4) SIW this week is off site. Hoping you’re all signed up for a workshop.

5) Grade 2 hosts Cafe Amity this week

6) I’d like to have a quick staff meeting Thursday at 8:15am to discuss next week’s lottery information meetings. As I will be away on Friday and next Tuesday (and Monday is a holiday) this is really the only time to meet prior to the meetings. Matt’s room.

7) The Auction is coming soon–next Saturday night, Feb 23! Please be sure to include a reminder in your weekly note. 5:30-9:00pm

8) Beth has opened up a few bulletin boards for your use. It would be great to have some student work up on the boards prior to the lottery info meeting and upcoming tours. Thanks!

9) It’s Variety Show season! Here’s a rundown:
*Practices M/T/Th/F for the next 3 weeks (except next Mon). Please note we are adding Thursdays until the show.
*Final rehearsals on March 4 & 5
*Dress rehearsal on March 6
*Show time on March 7
*Wheel of Talent on March 8

10) I will away from school this Friday and next Tuesday. Scott will be available to support when issues arise–either he will handle the situation or he can cover for you while you deal with whatever is going on.

Feb 18: No School!
Feb 20: EBISS
Feb 20: Lottery Info sessions, 2:30 and 5:30pm
Feb 23: Auction at Boys and Girls Club, 5:30-9:00pm
Feb 26 and March 1: Lottery Tours, 8:30am

That’s it for now–three day weekend coming soon! Here’s to a great week ahead!

31 thoughts on “AM Notes, February 11”

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