Monday AM Notes, April 15

Good Morning All,
I hope Conversations went well on Friday–I had lots and lots of positive feedback from parents on their way out after their Conversations. You are all very loved and appreciated!

With Easter coming soon, a little Easter joke for you:
Why did the Easter Bunny have on a hat? Because he was having a bad hare day.

It’s a bit busy this week, here are some notes to get you going:

1) IMPORTANT: Short staff meeting (10 mins) at 3:45 today in Heidi’s room.

2) SIW this week is district level

3) MAC survey is on Thursday of this week. Email will be coming soon.

4) I’m at a workshop all day on Tuesday–call or text if needed.

5) Pastini Fundraiser tonight and tomorrow night. I’m sending out a reminder to families today.

6) Dale is out for the next 3 weeks, Deb will be here. Casey, Taran’s mom, will be covering Tuesday AM (before school) choir.

7) Fire Drill Tuesday at 9:15am.

8) Grade 1 hosts Cafe Amity this week

9) EBISS on Wednesday:
9:15-9:45—Grade 5
9:45-10:15— Grade 4
10:45-11:15—Grade 2
11:15-11:45—Grade 1
1:00-1:30—Grade 3 (Brad to cover)

10) Staff Appreciation Breakfast on Wednesday at 8am

11) Field trips this week:
Grade 2: Fall River on Tuesday
Grade 3: Bend Science Station on Tuesday
Grade 4: High Desert Museum on Monday

12) SIWs for remainder of year:
*April 24: Master Schedule, EA Time, Whole School Activity Planning
*May 1: Running Records and IRI
*May 8: Visioning and Planning for 2019-20
*May 15: Planning for 2019-20
*May 22: Teacher’s choice
*May 29: Meeting with new teams
*June 5: Grade 5 gift

April 15: Staff meeting at 3:45
April15/16: Pastini Fundraiser
April 17: EBISS
April 17: District SIW
April 17: Staff Appreciation Breakfast hosted by district, 8am
April 24-26: Spring Clothing Exchange
May 1-3: Spring Book Fair
May 10: Bowl-a-thon. Permission slips to go out this week. More info going home soon!
May 28: The Child and Youth Resilience Measure (CYRM)–more info in a few weeks. Some data collection for the district.

Here’s to a great week!

5 thoughts on “Monday AM Notes, April 15”

  1. Thank you for the updates and the Easter joke, it brought a smile retro bowl to my face! It’s wonderful to hear that Conversations went well and that parents are providing positive feedback.

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