Monday AM Notes, February 3

Good Morning Fine People!
I hope you had a tremendous weekend and that the workday on Friday has you feeling at least a little closer to being caught up. Thanks for a really fun lunch break, I thoroughly enjoyed the laughter! I’ve spent the weekend mapping out our Bend Ken launch…

A few notes to stir the juices:
1) I sent a few important emails at the end of last week and over the weekend. Please be sure you have read the emails.

2) DIBELS on Tuesday morning–Scott coordinating.

3) Please let me know if you have plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day in your classrooms and what you plan to do–I just like to know what’s going on!

4) I sent this in an email but here is a reminder–the new Music schedule:
10:00-10:30—Grade 3
11:20-11:40—Ukulele and Choir
11:45-12:15—Grade 1 (directly from lunch recess, students do not return to classroom)
12:15-12:45—Grade 2 (Brad and Scott will bring Connor and Graham)

5) No staff meeting this week. SIW is district level trainings–be sure you have signed up!

6) We’ll have all school Invitation on Monday to get kiddos signed up for the Variety Show. The rest of the week groups doing skits will work on scripts during Invitations.

7) EasyCBM next week on Tuesday, Feb 11th–all in the studio:
Kinder: Monday (10th) 10:00-11:00
Grade 1: Tuesday (11th) 10:00-11:00 
Grade 2: Tuesday (11th) 11:45-12:45
Grades 3/4/5: in their classrooms by February 11th.

8) Field trips this week:
*Grade 5 heads to Bend Science Station on Thursday and Friday

9) EBISS next Wednesday, February 12:
8:30-9:00: Grade 4
9:00-9:30: Grade 5
10:00-10:30: Kinder
10:30-11:00: Grade 3
11:45-12:15: Grade 2
12:15-12:45: Grade 1
* I know this gets a little confusing with our new music schedule but we need to keep EBISS on Wednesday for now in order to include Tammy.

10) I have an admin meeting today so will leave around 2:45pm.

11) Just an FYI, looking ahead I am taking two personal days, February 14th and 18th.

February 4: DIBELS in AM
February 6/7: Grade 5 to Bend Science Station
February 7: Cafe Amity, Grade 1 hosts
February 12: EBISS
February 13: EA Meeting, 8:30am
February 14/18: Andy out
February 17: NO SCHOOL, Presidents’ Day
February 26: Lottery Meetings, 2:30 and 5:30pm
February 29: Auction!
March 5: Variety Show!
March 10/11: Lottery Tours (led by parents)

Here’s to a great week ahead!

4 thoughts on “Monday AM Notes, February 3”

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