Monday AM Notes, February 24

Good Morning All!
It’s Auction week! There will be lots of buzz this week about the auction, including displaying the student art projects and making last minute appeals to parents for donations and volunteer support. I hope you are able to be at the auction on Saturday to support the effort!

Today is our MAC survey day and you should have already received an email from Sandy Schmidt. Please be sure to get this done before you leave school today.

A few notes to get you going:
1) Staff Meeting meeting on Tuesday. Our focus will be on preparing for the Lottery Meetings on Wednesday. 2:45 in Frans’ room.

2) Lottery Informational Meetings on Wednesday–2:30pm and 5:30pm. We will do these meetings in Lindsey’s room.

3) Fire Drill on Tuesday at 9:20am.

4) **No PE or Art this week**. You could use some of this time to help with decoration for the auction. Kelli has a few projects that need some support.

5) As we discussed earlier we need to be more vigilant in terms of hallway behavior during Choice Time. If you are in your classroom please be aware of what is happening in the hallway near your room and poke your head out from time to time. Kiddos running around and playing should be asked to go outside. Thanks for your support!

6) K/1/2 are off to see the Lorax (presented by Westside) on Thursday from 1-2pm at the Tower Theater.

7) Monday, March 2 is Dr. Suess Day. Any desire to do something school wide?

8) Thursday, March 5 is the Variety Show! We’ll move props over right after school and get things ready to go.

9) Dress Rehearsal for the Variety Show is Wednesday, March 4 for most of the day. We’ll get started at Community Time. NO Music classes this day.

10) The Child and Youth Resiliency Survey (CYRS) will be administered again this year. It will be in the AM on March 16. I’ll send a separate email with more information soon.

February 25: Fire Drill at 9:20
February 25: Staff Meeting, 2:45pm–Frans’ room
February 26: Lottery Meetings, 2:30 and 5:30pm
February 27: K/1/2 Lorax Musical @Tower (Westside performance)
February 29: Auction! 5:30-9pm at Boys and Girls club (no child care)
March 4: Dress Rehearsal–all day! NO Music classes
March 5: EA Meeting, 8:30am
March 5: Variety Show!
March 6: Cafe Amity, Kinders host
March 9: Andy’s leave begins, surgery day
March 10/12: Lottery Tours (led by parents)
March 17: Irish Dancers at Community Time
March 23-27: Spring Break!

Here’s to a great week ahead!

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