Monday AM Notes, April 5 2020

Greetings All!
For those that celebrate Easter I hope you had a great day yesterday!

I cannot begin to thank you for all you have done to get us to today–your endless (and quite spectacular) flexibility and countless pivots, your ability to continue to bring joy to your work no matter the circumstance, and your willingness to laugh at all the insanity has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. Thank you for EVERYTHING! We are finally rebuilding our community and bringing some sense of normalcy (our special brand of normal, the good kind that we all love). It feels so good being all moved in and having Grade 4 and 5 back all-in starting this week! And Buddies, and Community time, and….it just all feels so good!

A few notes to get us going:
1) Please be sure you read the emails I sent on Thursday and Friday of last week, lots of very important information regarding changes to our schedule.

2) Weather permitting we will eat outside from now on. As per the email last week, we have spots for every class to eat and new zones for lunch recess. Check those emails!

3) Just a reminder that there is school on April 14 and 15 (previously these were non-contact days for conferencing). Still NO school on Friday, April 16.

4) Thanks for getting Conversations started! You can use SIW time this week and next. Please be sure to reach out to families that have yet to sign up, especially the ones with whom you really need to meet.

5) PE and Biddies start this week! Again, please check your emails from last week. Please let me know what days/times you’ll be doing Buddies–thanks!

6) Community Time on Thursday and Friday of this week–YAHOO! Again, huge thanks to Frans and his class. And again, check emails from last week for times. Who would like to be the next class to host? Please let me know!

5) Reminder: using scooters in the gym? A few requests:
*Please put cones in front of the doors below the stage to keep students from crashing into the doors
*We now have the space under the stage on the far end (key should be in the lock)-please put the scooters back in there.

6) A few more reminders:
*K-2 teachers, afternoon recess ends at 1:20. Please stick to this time so Grades 3-5 can easily make their way out at 1:25
*Before bringing students inside please have them check for playground equipment left out (balls, jump ropes, hula hoops) and for jackets/gloves/snacks/garbage

7) Next week I will be away from school on Wednesday and Thursday (14th and 15th). As these were originally Conversation days I made plans to be away. Patti will have Skip on speed dial in case anything significant comes up.

April 14 & 15: These are now school days (no longer Conversation days)
April 16: NO school

Here’s to a great, ALL-IN, week ahead!

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