Monday AM Notes, May 17 2021

Greetings y’all,
I hope you enjoyed the amazing weather this weekend. We had our grandkids overnight on Friday and most of the day on Saturday and we spent Sunday recovering! Yikes, it’s a lot of work! I hope your weekend was equally as fun but less exhausting…

A few notes to get you going:
1) Tom is out through Wednesday. Derek is covering Tom’s AM duties and we have a sub covering the evenings. If you have any concerns or needs please let me know.

2) I sent you all a Save the Date for Grade 5 Graduation–June 16 at 4pm. We’ll also do a school-wide celebration earlier that day. I’ll keep you updated as plans develop. We’re still waiting for info from the district before proceeding.

3) In the next week I’ll be creating a Google folder for each of you with End of Year Celebration templates for each of your students. Like last year I’ll name each document with a student name so they will be easy to find. Having this shared folder with me and Patti greatly helps as it allows us to help out with formatting issues that arise and will allow us to print directly from the folder.

4) Staff Meeting on Tuesday at 2:45pm. No SIW this week.

5) Art is back this week! Regularly scheduled times.

6) Kinder will host Community Time this week!

7) Subs are extremely hard to get right now--as a result admin received this email from HR on Friday: We will not be approving anymore personal days unless a substitute can be found.  If we have already approved a personal day, then we will honor that decision.  Moving forward, however, if an employee, either classified or certified, asks for a personal day, we need to know that positions will be covered before okaying the request.  We also would like to remind you that we’ve made special agreements with both associations that employees will be paid for unused personal days. If you have plans to use a personal day between now and the end of the year let’s get working on finding a sub!

8) I’ll likely be out part of Wednesday and Thursday helping my gal post-surgery. At this point we don’t know what time her surgery is scheduled for on Wednesday so we’re keeping things flexible. I’ll update you when I know.

May 18: Staff Meeting, 2:45pm
May 25: Fire Drill, 10:45am
May 26: SIW, 2pm
June 1: Staff Meeting, 2:45pm
June 2: EBISS–more details later
June 17: Last day! 6 weeks left…

Here’s to a great week ahead!

5 thoughts on “Monday AM Notes, May 17 2021”

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