Monday AM Notes, May 31 2021

Greetings All,
I hope you had an AMAZING long weekend! My plans to head to the Alvord Desert changed at the last minute so we made the best of a staycation. We loaded up the canoe and spent a phenomenal night out on Sparks Lake!

A few notes to get us going:
1) No Staff Meeting Tuesday. I think we all have plenty going on this week!

2) We’ll have our final EBISS meetings this Wednesday. This is a time to start planning support for kiddos for next year so we can hit the ground running. Please come to the meeting ready to share concerns and bring work samples/assessments that will be helpful. Below is the schedule, Brad will be covering your class (if he’s not covering for Ray, in which case we will need to adjust). Sara will also attend these meetings as she will be part of the support team for next year.
*No Grade 5 meeting

3) No SIW this week. This week and next week have been set aside to give you time to start your End of Year Celebrations.

4) Application screening Wednesday from 3-4:30. Everyone is invited to join and be involved. We’ll meet in Amanda’s room.

5) Community Time this week, starting at 1:30pm:
Thursday-Grade 3
Friday-Grade 2

Next week:
June 10-Grade 1
June 11-Kinder

6) Reminder: We are scheduled to attend a gender workshop at Westside Village at 3pm on Thursday. Out of respect for the kiddos organizing this for us please be on time.

7) Here is a link to the Field Day document I created to get us organized–please take a moment to sign up for an activity: Field Day 2021

8) Nancy Hitchcock, the OT that serves Amity is looking for some things that we had here at Amity prior to the remodel. Please see if any of this is in your room:
Dark slant board #21070
Red round air cushion #1843410
Black medicine ball #22487
Chalkboard 10″x17″ #14274
Handwriting without tears Kindergarten teacher guide #20799
Poster-“I can calm myself” #2036

9) A big Happy Birthday to Brad this week–Thursday!

June 2: EBISS (see schedule above)
June 3: Gender presentation @Westside Village, 3-4pm
June 16: School lets out at 2:30pm
June 16: Grade 5 Graduation, 4pm
June 17: Last day! 1pm dismissal
June 17: Staff gathering, 3:30pm

Lastly, I’d love to hear your answer…

Here’s to a great week ahead…3 more to go!

5 thoughts on “Monday AM Notes, May 31 2021”

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