Monday AM Notes, February 21 2022

Happy Monday (or Tuesday),
I hope the extra weekend day was amazing, you certainly all earned it after a full afternoon of Olympic events on Friday! Speaking of the Olympics, I wanted to share a note I received from Walt and Sam’s mom, Lily, over the weekend:

I want you to know that Sam and Walt came home on Friday practically floating on air from the Amity Olympics. They had a ridiculous amount of fun, there’s no other way to put it. I love that this school not only teaches academic subjects and emphasizes social emotional learning but also makes time for the very important work of having silly, messy, ridiculous school-wide fun. Our family is so lucky that our kids get to go to Amity.

Thanks for making Amity a school that our kids can’t wait to wake up and go to each morning. Walt is already counting down until the next winter Olympics.

Thanks again,

It is indisputable that the work you do, and the people you are, make our kiddos want to be at school! Thank you!

A few notes to get you going:
1) This week’s mind blows-
*More people drown in the desert than die of thirst!
*The world’s population has more than doubled since the late 1960’s

2) The cold front has arrived and temperatures will be in the single digits and low double digits for much of the week. With the cold weather it’s likely we will need to eat inside all week, and it may be too cold for AM recess outside (possibly afternoon, too, on some days). With this in mind, please help out by offering choice time in your classrooms at recess. Alanna, Karima, Maya, and I will be circulating to cover your classroom so you can have breaks as needed. Thanks for your help!

3) Staff meeting Tuesday, at 2:45 in Ray’s room. We’ll use the time to plan for the Magnet Information meetings coming up next week (March 2).

4) It’s all about 2’s on Tuesday–2/22/22 (Tuesday tu/tutu/tutu). Some fun to be had?

5) SIW this week will continue to focus on our SEL/Inclusion/Diversity book collection. Lauren has volunteered to lead the group this week (thanks Lauren!). Please meet at 1:30 in Brian’s room. As a reminder I have a district meeting during this time so unfortunately I won’t be able to join you.

6) We’re firing up Community Time again! Grade 1 will host this Friday (once again, thank you Lauren!). For now the plan is to do this in the gym at 1:30pm. Who will be next? In the coming weeks I’d like to start doing multiple days each week. We’ll see how things are looking and decide when the time feels right. I have put in a request to allow us to host CT outside with parents and I am waiting to hear back from the district. Fingers crossed.

7) A few housekeeping notes:
*Please be sure students are taking their jackets with them when they go outside for recess and lunch. We have lots of kiddos wanting to get back in the classrooms during these times.
*Please make it very clear to students that they MUST raise their hand to order hot lunch if they want lunch. Our counts have been a little off lately and this means some students are left without any choice of meal.
*We likely only have a few more weeks of dealing with masks, but we could use your help with this one–please reiterate to students that when outside masks need to be on their wrists or in their pocket, not left on the ground. We’re just seeing more and more discarded masks on the playground and I think a reminder will be helpful.
*Please continue to lock your doors during break times.

8) I notice that a lot of the weekly art being done is pilling up. Let’s try to get the new stuff up in the hallways, or send the pieces home. We also have room up near the top of the hallway. Alanna has time in the afternoons to help get new art up if you’d like her help.

9) The water fountain is back on! Once the cold snap passes I’ll get the portable drinking fountain back in operation outside.

10) I have to leave a little early on Friday, likely around 2pm.

February 22: Staff Meeting, 2:45pm. Lottery Info night prep.
February 23: SIW
March 2: Lottery Info Night, in person-5:30pm
March 8: Lottery Info Night, virtual-5:30pm
March 16/17: Next Student Support Meetings
March 21-25: Spring Break!
April 13/14: Conversations

Here’s a fantastic week ahead!

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