Monday AM Notes, May 2 2022

Greetings Team,
I hope you had an amazing weekend, especially on Sunday–what a beautiful day! My weekend was a combination of a little play, lots of yard work, and a bit of rest (still not feeling 100%!). It’s May, which means we have 7 weeks of school left!

A few notes to get you going:
1) It’s an exciting day for Grade 5-they’re headed to Camp Tamarack! They’ll be gone from about 9:30am until 7:30pm.

2) Grade 3-5 Pickle ball tournament starts today during afternoon Choice Time.

3) Artist in Residence brainstorming session on Tuesday at 2:45. As we begin envisioning what next year looks like, and with neither Korey or Nathan returning, I’m hoping we can come together and brainstorm a bit about what the program can look like. All are welcome to join the discussion! This is not mandatory but I hope you will consider joining. Staff room.

While we are on the subject of art, our last art sessions for the year will be Wednesday and Friday, May 25 and 27. Please be sure to get this in your calendars.

4) SIW this week is Teacher Prep time, but I would appreciate 15 minutes of your time starting at 1:30. We can meet in the staff room. Much appreciated!

5) We could use your help getting kids ready for lunch recess. We have a lot of traffic in the hallway at lunch recess and it’s for two main reasons (other than using the bathroom)-students forgot to take their jacket with them or they want their stuffed animals. Before leaving the classroom for lunch please be sure kids have:
*Stuffed animals if they plan to play with them at lunch

It would also be helpful to remind students that the only reason to be inside at lunch recess is to use the bathroom or get medical help. Thanks for your support with this!

6) As you have already heard, visitors are now allowed in the building. I think the biggest upside to this at this point in the year is we can invite parents of students whose class is hosting Community Time. We’ll start this week by inviting Grade 3 families.

In order to accommodate families attending CT we will move it to the end of the day (2:00-2:25pm) on Fridays. We are also moving Invitations to Thursdays at 1:45pm. Thanks for your input on this! Please be sure to add your invitation for this week here

Lastly on this subject, I’d like to consider adding a few more Community Times for grades that have already hosted but did not have the opportunity to include families. This includes Kinder, Grade 1, and Grade 5. Tentatively (until I confirm with everyone) Kinder will be May 20 and Grade 1 will be May 27. I’ll work with Ray to figure out the best day for Grade 5 to host–Grade 5 has lots of end of year stuff going on!

7) End of year observations need to get done! For those on the formal observation cycle (Sadie, Brian, Lauren, Haley, Sara, Brad) I’ll be reaching out with more detailed info. For the others it will be a mini-observation some time in the next two weeks.

8) Open House is next Wednesday, May 11 from 5-7pm. I have shared a link with families so that they can pre-order pizza, and Grade 4 will be having a bake sale to raise funds for Ukrainian refugees. A few of you have already shared what you’re planning to do in your classroom and I’d love to hear from the rest of you about your plans for the evening! I am super excited for the event!

May 3: Artist in residence brainstorm session, 2:45-3:30pm. Staff room.
May 4: Brief staff meeting at 1:30pm. Staff room.
May 6: Grade 3 hosts CT
May 11: Open House! 5-7pm
May 12: DIBELS
May 13: Grade 4 hosts CT
May 20: Kinder hosts CT (tentative)
May 27: Grade 1 hosts CT (tentative)
May 25: Extended SIW, 1:30-5:30pm
June 3: Camp Amity, reaching out to parents for support!
June 7: Family BBQ, 5-7pm (tentative still waiting for approval)
June 15: Graduation–details to emerge in the coming weeks

Here’s to a great week ahead!

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