Monday (Tues), May 30 2022

Happy Tuesday All!
I hope the 3 day weekend was fantastic! I hope you slept like elephants and are feeling rested and excited about the last 3 weeks (yes, 3 weeks!).

Sorry, couldn’t resist–I saw this picture and had to share it somehow…

I have a big week ahead as Michelle’s surgery is finally happening on Wednesday. We won’t know the surgery time until tomorrow afternoon, but I will need to drop her off at some point Wednesday morning and then return about 4 hours later. It’s likely I’ll be here most of the day on Wednesday, but I will be off all day Thursday. My daughter Arielle arrives Thursday afternoon and will cover nursing duties on Friday and all of next week. This also means my youngest granddaughter, Aurelia, will be here for a week! She seems pretty excited about it, too…

A few notes to get you going:
1) Baby Shower for Haley (and Gary) today at 3pm!

2) It’s Camp Amity this Friday! Here are the details:
*Start at 9:30am, break for lunch at 11:00am, end when things feel like they are winding down
*Parent run activities scheduled:
~Rock painting
~Charcoal face painting–anyone have charcoal at home?
~Drum circle
~Nature art
~Fort building (branches)
~Marshmallow roasting
~Possibly more activities coming… a few parents are thinking about how they can help out.

3) Invitations this week on Thursday at 1:45: Invitations

4) As a reminder, here’s what’s already planned for the last two weeks–please add classroom events so we can keep track of all the great things going on: Last 2 Weeks

5) SIW on Wednesday is all yours, enjoy the time. A good time to get a few Grows and Glows done: Grows and Glows (End of Year Celebrations)

6) Annual family BBQ is next Tuesday, June 7 from 5-7pm. In Grade 4’s ongoing quest to reduce waste at Amity, they will be reaching out to families encouraging them to bring their own dish ware/utensils. Denise from the Environmental Center will be bringing some dish ware, and we now have two entire class sets of re-usable dish ware that we can also use (thanks Grade 1!). In terms of help for the event we will need a little help getting everything ready to go starting at 4:30, and then some help working the grills from 5pm on. This is always a really fun event!

7) Tentative plan for some water fun in the afternoon of June 10. The Bend Fire Department has tentatively agreed to come and shower us with water on Friday, June 10 around 1:30pm. This is something they offered to do several years ago in honor of Landon’s dad Rhett, but it never worked out. Now that Landon is graduating we thought it would be fun if we could make this happen. They have agreed to come at 1:30pm next Friday as long as they are not out on a call. I will also be working to see if we can get the sprinklers turned on at that time–I’ll keep you posted. I’ll let parents know the plan and encourage anyone with children staying for Campfire or Boys and Girls club to send extra clothes.

8) Grade 2 hosts Community Time this week–please note this will be at 8:15am.

And finally, Happy Birthday to Brad this week (Friday)!

May 31: Baby Shower for Haley (and Gary), 3-4pm
June 3: Grade 2 hosts CT, 8:15am
June 3: Camp Amity
June 7: Family BBQ, 5-7pm
June 9: Fire Drill @9:20am
June 10: Grade 5 hosts final CT, 8:15am
June 10: Water Play last part of the day
June 14: Community Celebration of Grade 5 in AM-more details coming soon
June 15: Grade 5 Graduation, 5pm
June 16: Last Day! 1pm dismissal
June 16: Staff gathering, 3pm (location TBD)
June 17: Teacher work day

Here’s to a fantastic week ahead!