Monday AM Notes, October 24 2022

Hey Team!
I hope that Conversations went really well and that you had a fantastic, well deserved and frosty 3 day weekend. As you know, my plans got derailed by a sick kiddo at home so I got to spend some quality time here in town getting some projects done.

Quick note: I will be leaving school at 12:45pm today and will be gone for the rest of the day. I’ll be unreachable from 1:30 until 3pm, but available before and after that period of time.

A few notes for the week:
1) Jammie Jam sponsor sheets are due this Friday. Please encourage your students to get sponsors and be sure to include a reminder in any parent communications this week. We really need your support to make this successful. Thanks! More details of the event coming soon.

2) Conversations follow ups. As a reminder we agreed to send follow up emails to selected families to be sure that delicate (tricky, difficult) information shared was received. This provides written follow up and gives us assurance that the message has been received.

Also, please remember to reach out to families who missed their scheduled time or who have yet to reach out to make a time to meet.

3) For SIW this week we will have a look at a draft of Problem Solving wheel that’s been created and get some feedback from the whole group. Look for an email with more information. We’ll also talk about themes for the next few months–please come with ideas! Lastly, I’d like to have a few minutes to chat about number sense and how we can include more activities in our daily routine that could support development of stronger number sense. Bring your ideas!

Who’d like to do the warm up for the meeting? Let me know!

4) Earthquake/Fire drill on Wednesday at 10:45am. Duck and cover, wait for the fire alarm, and then head outside. Don’t forget your red/green folder and class list.

5) PJ and movie day will be next Tuesday, November 1. Please begin conversations about what movies you’d like to show. The last few times we did this prior to the pandemic, we split into 2 or 3 smaller groups in order to choose movies that were age appropriate–I think this is a good idea going forward, too. K/1, 2/3, 4/5. It’s a really good idea to use Common Sense Media ( when selecting movies as they identify potential issues with movies (and it’d be great to avoid parental issues if we can!). Please let me know once you’ve settled on a movie. (Special note for Brian and Ray: You may show a PG movie but we need permission from parents, so if you plan to do this we need to get permission slips out quickly. Let me know if you want to do this).

6) Student Success Meetings (formally known as EBISS) will be next week, November 3. I’ll send out a schedule for that day soon, but in the meantime please do a little prep work here: SSM Prep. There is a folder for each class.

7) Field trips and activities this week: Grade 2 goes to Fall River (Thurs), Grade 4 to Knott Landfill (Thurs), and Grade 5 is gathering at the Hopservatory on Tuesday night.

8) Please get me your Opt-in email lists. I’ll pass them along to Class Leads to finish up. Thanks!

9) Happy Hour this Friday! I hope everyone can make it–3:30pm. Location TBD.

10) I have an admin meeting on Tuesday so I’ll be leaving right after school.

October 26: Earthquake/Fire Drill, 10:45am
October 26: SIW, 1:30pm
October 28: Happy Hour, 3:30pm–location TBD
November 1: Jammie Jam, details coming soon. Also PJ and Movie day!
November 1: Staff Meeting, 245-3:30
November 3: Student Success meetings
November 10: Secure Drill, 9:20am
November 11: Veteran’s Day, No School
November 21-25: Thanksgiving Break, No School
November 29: Fire Drill, 9:20am
November 30: Picture retakes

Here’s to an amazing week ahead!