Monday AM Notes, Feb 6 2023

Greetings All!
Hoping you had a great weekend. Last week was a nice “break” from the normal routine–I especially appreciated our conversation on Thursday about Black History Month/diversity and inclusion and how we are striving to find ways to integrate it all together in our daily lives at school. A conversation that will evolve over time–thanks for the open and honest conversation! I also loved being out in the woods with all of you and taking time to celebrate Brad, what a great time!

As I mentioned last week, I may be on jury duty this week. I don’t have to go on Monday and I will keep you in the loop day to day. Fingers crossed I don’t have to do it!

A few notes to get you going:
1) Camp Amity this week! We’ll need to get a sack lunch count to Wendy first thing this AM.

2) As discussed on Thursday, our new theme for February is Belonging! Look for books in the staff room soon.

3) SIW this week is school based. Look for an agenda soon.

4) Grade 5 Community Time is officially moved to Friday mornings starting this week! Also, we are adding Variety Show practice on Friday afternoons from 1:50-2:20pm.

6) Parent Listening sessions on Thursday at 5:30pm, and Friday at 8:30am. We have invited parents in to share celebrations and ideas, and ask questions. The sessions will be lead by Casey (Taran’s mom) and Lily (Sam and Walt’s mom). We did this a few years back and it was really informative, and brought forth some new ideas.

7) Help! Please take a few minutes on Monday to chat with your classes and remind them about a few important things:
*Walking in the hallways. We have lots and lots of kiddos sprinting down the hallways–it’s dangerous. This is primarily happening at the beginning of Choice Times and lunch.
*During lunch recess is not “choice time”–everyone is outside with no indoor option unless it is announced at lunch. Please be sure that everyone has their warm gear outside the classroom ready to put on.

8) Following the incident of someone walking into Amity through the Georgia Street door, a thorough investigation was conducted. This included looking through lots of lots of video of the hallway. One of the things noted by the investigation group is that we have students working and hanging out on the carpeted area by the Georgia Street door–this is considered a danger to exiting the building in case of emergency (materials being used left in the way). A directive following the investigation is that no students are allowed to work or hang out on the carpeted area. I know this is disappointing, but we need to enforce this. Please discuss with your students and share the reasoning with them. Thank you!

February 9: Camp Amity!
February 9: Parent Listening Sessions, 5:30pm
February 10: First AM Grade 5 Community Time
February 10: Parent Listening Sessions, 8:30am
February 15: Educator Network for SIW–sign ups coming soon
February 22: Amity info meetings for lottery, 2:00 and 5:30pm
February 23: FORA Fundraiser at MOD Pizza
March 1: Variety Show!
March 18: Auction

Here’s to a great week ahead!