Monday AM Notes, May 8 2023

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
Get ready to be deeply appreciated this week. Quick reminder that lunch is being provided for you on Tuesday (FOA) and Thursday (Borkowski family), and breakfast is being provided on Wednesday by the superheroes of Amity (Patti, Karima, Diane, me ūüėĀ).

A few notes for the week:
1) American Fidelity is here today (Monday)–be sure you have all the documents you need!

2) SIW this week is Teacher directed–enjoy the time!

3) DIBELS on Wednesday. There will be a parent volunteer here to pull kiddos from your class. Tentative order: Grade 5, Grade 4, Kinder, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3.

4) Don’t forget your Eval/Goals meeting with me this week and next:

Monday, May 8: 2:45pmBrian
Tuesday, May 9: 7:00amLauren
Tuesday, May 9: 7:20amHaley
Tuesday, May 9: 2:45pmAmanda
Tuesday, May 9: 3:10pmLindsey
Wednesday, May 10: 7:20amSara
Thursday, May 11: 7:00amFrans
Monday, May 15: 3:10pmRay

5) Just keeping this on your radar–Grade 5 gift.

6) It’s Book Fair week! We’ve had to change the Monday schedule in order to free up the gym a little earlier for lunch set-up. Here’s the schedule for the classes to visit the book fair (but no purchasing on Monday):
8:30-8:50       Kindergarten and Grade 5
8:50-9:10       Grades 1 and 4
9:10-9:30       Grades 2 and 3

As a reminder, the book fair will be held each morning at the back of the gym, and parents are encouraged to stay and shop with their children after Community Time. In order to help things flow smoothly, we are going to schedule different days for each grade to shop. Here is the schedule:
*Monday, 8th May:Each class will be taken to the book fair by their teacher, to browse the books and make a wish list of books they would like to purchase. This is a preview day, so parents will not attend and no books will be sold this day.
*Tuesday, 9th May, after Community Time for 30 minutes: Grades 3 and 5 are invited to shop the book fair
*Wednesday, 10th May, after Community Time for 30 minutes: Kindergarten and 1st grade are invited to shop the book fair
*Thursday, 11th May, after Community Time for 30 minutes, Grades 2 and 4 are invited to shop the book fair
*Friday, 12th May, after Community Time for 30 minutes AND during Bread & Jam in the afternoon, anyone who was not able to attend earlier in the week is invited to shop book fair.

The bookfair will also be open online for 2 weeks from the 8th-21st May. You can access the online book fair through the link at the bottom of the book fair homepage, here: Any books purchased online will be shipped directly to your home. 

7) I will be at a training all day Wednesday–call or text if you need anything, I will be just up the road at Elk Meadow.

8) Finally, Grade 5 heads to the coast Wednesday through Friday this week-bon voyage!

May 8-12: Teacher Appreciation Week! Be ready to be appreciated!
May 9: Teacher Appreciation Lunch, hosted by FOA
May 10: DIBELS
May 10: SIW Teacher directed
May 10-12: Grade 5 Newport Trip
May 10: Teacher Appreciation Bfast, hosted by EAs and Andy
May 11: Lunch courtesy of the Borkowki family
May 17: SIW School based
May 17-19: Grade 4 Klamath Outdoor Science School
May 23: Fire Drill, 9:20am
May 24: SIW School based
May 26: Summit Theater “How I Became A Pirate”, 8:45am-ALL Classes
May 29: No School
June 5/6: Camp Amity
June 7: SIW Teacher directed
June 13: Family BBQ, 5-7pm. (Kinder Orientation 4-5pm)
June 15: Grade 5 Graduation
June 16: Last Day!

Here’s to a great week ahead!