Monday AM Notes, September 11 2023

School-wide theme: Community

What a great first week we had! Thanks for making the first week so special and helping students make and re-establish connections! I really loved popping from classroom to classroom and seeing all the joy! I hope you’re feeling really good about last week, too. I’m excited for our first full week!

A few notes to get you going:
1) We have Community Time Tuesday-Friday from here on! As a reminder, here’s the line-up:
Tues: Grades 2 and 4
Weds: Kinder and Grade 1
Thurs: Grade 3
Fri: Grade 5

2) Invitations start this week–Monday and Thursday. Here’s the link: Invitations 23-24.

PE and Enrichment also start this week. Be sure you know your days/times (Master Schedule)

3) Let’s get all the Community Jobs up and running this week:
Kinder/Grade 1: Playground clean-up
Grade 2: Library caretakers
Grade 3: Hallway waste patrol
Grade 4: Green Team waste station*
Grade 5: Office and cafeteria support*
*Brian and Ray: Wondering about Sensory Supporters. This year’s Grade 5 students were trained last year. Should this be a Grade 5 or Grade 4 job this year?

4) SIW this week is our whole team. We’ll have time to check in, talk about some of our kiddos, chat about Back to School Night, and get our eyes on the assessment binders (if you haven’t already).

5) Back to School Night is Thursday, September 21. As noted, we’ll chat about this at our SIW on Wednesday.

6) Fire Drill on Thursday at 9:20am. Please review procedures with your kiddos before the drill. And be sure you have the Green/Red folder with a class list.

7) Scholastic Book Fair is next week, Monday-Friday, and will include an opportunity for parents to shop at Back to School Night, too. Look for some communication coming out soon about times your class will visit the fair.

8) FOA is sponsoring a teacher lunch on Thursday–El Sancho!

9) Rose City Chess Club at Amity will run every Wednesday after school in the staff room starting September 20th. We have about 15 Amity kiddos involved in this activity, paid for by individual families. The Amity Chess Club will also continue this year.

Lastly, but certainly not least, supervision on the playground. This is my annual reminder about the importance of good, vigilant, and safety-minded supervision on the playground. As I always say, supervision is 90% prevention, 10% response (disclaimer: not scientifically proven). If we do a good job supervising on the playground then 90% of the time we can avoid serious injury. Good supervision requires awareness, which requires that you are focussing on what the kiddos are doing. Please remember that there are 3 key areas that we must be covering at all times: the field, the blacktop/gaga pit area, and the playground. Please position yourself in one of these 3 key areas and be sure not to leave the area without passing the duty on to someone else. When we walk away from an area of supervision we leave children at risk.
Reminder: K-2 (including Lauren) on Mondays/Thursdays, 3-5 on Tuesdays/Fridays

Upcoming Dates (just keeping all this on your radar)
September 13: First SIW and Early Release (1pm)
September 14: Fire Drill, 9:20am
September 14: El Sancho for lunch courtesy of FOA!
September 18-22: Scholastic Book Fair (available to families at Back to School Night!)
September 19: Staff Meeting, 3-3:30pm
September 20: Teacher work day SIW
September 21: Back to School Night, 5-6:30pm
September 25/26: Camp Amity at Shevlin Park!  9:30am-1pm
September 26: Team Collaboration Meeting, 2:45-3:30pm
September 27: School based SIW
September 28: Lockdown Drill, 9:20am
September 29: Pancake Breakfast, 7-8am
October 4: DIBELS
October 4: School based SIW
October 10: Picture Day
October 10: Staff meeting, 2:45-3:30pm
October 11: Educator Network SIW
October 12: Bus Evacuation Drill, 9am at the Ed Center
October 16-17: Dental Screening
October 17: Teacher Collaboration Time, 2:45-3:30pm
October 18: Teacher work day SIW
October 20: Earthquake/Fire Drill, 10:45am
October 21: Harvest Festival (tentative, pending parent volunteers)
October 25-27: Conversations (likely 25th and 26th, no work on 27th)

Here’s to a great first full week ahead!