Monday AM Notes, Jan 2 2024

Happy New Year Y’all, it’s 2024!
I hope you had an amazing break and great family-filled holidays! I am so excited to be returning to school after being away for 8 weeks and can’t wait to reconnect with everyone. The few visits I made in December really filled my bucket and helped me to keep working hard on my recovery. Thanks for your patience while I was away and for keepings things running so smoothly, I am beyond appreciative!

As I shared with you in the last few days Patti will be out for a few weeks to be with Jeff. Kelli will be holding down the fort for us for the time being. In the meantime, let’s continue to keep Patti and Jeff in our hearts! I’ll update you as I get new information.

A few notes to get 2024 rolling:
1) The Theme for January is Responsibility and Integrity!

2) SIW this week is in house. We’ll use this time to reconnect, reflect on things that are working and things that may not, and do some planning for the coming months. I’m excited to have this time!

3) New Buddies: 3/5, K/1, 2/4

4) I have an admin meeting on Tuesday and will have to leave around 2:45pm. Yup, on my first day back!

5) Save the date–Variety Show! February 28th…

6) Cafe and Bread and Jam Dates:

Cafe Amity 
Jan 17: Kindergarten
Jan 31: Grade 5
Feb 14: Grade 4
Mar 6: Grade 3
Mar 20: Grade 2
Apr 24: Grade 1
May 15: Kindergarten
Jun 5: Grade 5 (their final Cafe!)

Bread & Jam
Jan 12
Jan 26
Feb 9
Feb 23
Mar 15
Apr 5
Apr 19
May 10
May 31

January 12: Bread and Jam
January 15: No School, Martin Luther King Day
January 17: Cafe Amity hosted by Kindergarten
January 26: Bread and Jam
January 31: Cafe Amity hosted by Grade 5
February 2: No School, Teacher Work Day
February 28: Variety Show,

Here’s to the new year!