Monday AM Notes, April 8 2024

School-wide theme: Stewardship

Hey Y’all,
I hope you had a fantastic weekend and are excited to meet with families this week!

First, a little housekeeping:
*At the end of afternoon Choice Time please be sure to collect the balls and other equipment on the playground. When I came to work on Friday morning there were 15 balls that had been left overnight. The kids are super helpful if you ask. Also, please be sure the door is shut if you are the last adult in.

*Students staying in for afternoon Choice Time is becoming a little bit of a concern for me. I’ve noticed over the last few weeks that we have anywhere from 20-30 kiddos staying in, but often there are no teachers with rooms open or teachers in the hallways. The idea of Choice Time only works if teachers are in their rooms or in the hallways. I think we either need to recommit to having rooms open and teachers available, or we need to switch from Choice Time to recess where everyone goes outside. Personally, I love the idea of kids having a choice and want to keep it, but we can only do so if we commit to being available. Thoughts?

*Who’s turn is it to decorate the hallway near the gym?

A few notes to get you going:
1) Sarah Swoffer, our visiting artist, returns Tuesday to work with Grades 3/4/5. Grade 3/4/5 teachers–have you secured 3-4 parent volunteers? If not, please reach out to parents right away. Thanks!

2) Reminder that our new Student Success Meeting date is April 18.

3) Auction prep continues this week. Class Leads reached out to families last week to kick start donations for the Themed Baskets. Donated items will continue to be collected in your classrooms and the lead will be responsible for maintaining it. Please continue to mention the baskets in your weekly notes to families.

4) Reminder: April is Child Abuse Prevention month and it’s time for our annual abuse prevention lessons. Thanks to those of you who emailed me your time frame for getting started on the lessons. For those who have not yet emailed me, please do so first thing this week.

5) How are things going with our school wide theme of Stewardship? If you’re looking for ideas there are many ways students could be engaging with stewardship around school–helping organize the library, picking up garbage in the hallways, cleaning the stage, helping do a Spring cleaning in the classroom, picking up playground equipment at the end of break times, etc.

6) I’ll be leaving on Wednesday around 12:30pm for an admin meeting across the street. I will also be out on Thursday. Call or text if you need anything.

April 10: SIW, Teacher Work Day/Conversations
April 10/11: Conversations
April 12: No School
April 16: District ICCL, no meeting
April 17: SIW, In house
April 18: Student Success Meetings (Gina covering)
April 19: Bread and Jam
April 22: Earth Day! Got any plans?
April 23: Grade 5 Benham Falls East
April 24: Cafe Amity, Grade 1 hosts
April 24: SIW, Educator Network
April 25: Grade 4 Riley Ranch Reserve
April 26: Grade 3 Caldera Arts Center
April 30: Team Collaboration
May 1: SIW, In house
May 4
: Auction! May the 4th be with you…some type of space related theme
May 8: SIW (Staff meeting combo), In house
May 10: Bread and Jam
May 13: Grades 1/3/4/5 Mary Poppins@Caldera, 9:30-11:15
May 14: Staff Meeting
May 15: Cafe Amity, Kinder hosts
May 15: SIW, Teacher Work Day
May 15: Grade 5 walking field trip (all day)
May 16: Grade 5 Lava Lands
May 17: Grades K/2 Mary Poppins@Caldera, 9:30-11:15
May 21: Team Collaboration Time
May 22: DIBELS (may change)
May 22: SIW, In house
May 22-24: Grader 5 Coast Trip
May 27: No School
May 29: SIW, In house
May 29: Kinder to Miller’s Landing
May 30: Grade 1 Benham Falls East
May 31: Summit High production of The Real Story of the 3 Pigs is coming to Amity, 8:30am.
June 3/4: Camp Amity!
June 4: Staff Meeting (last one of the year!)
June 5: Cafe Amity
June 5: SIW, Teacher Work Day
June 6: End of Year Community BBQ
June 11: Grade 4 Lava Lands/Cave?
June 12: FULL School Day, no early release
June 13: Grade 5 Graduation
June 18: Last day, 1pm release

Here’s to a great week ahead!