Monday AM Notes, May 6 2024

School-wide theme: Perseverance! Aka, we got this!

Greetings All!
I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Big thanks to those of you who made it to the auction on Saturday, always great to have you there! What a fun night–and quite successful both as a social gathering and fundraiser!

I know Monday AM is not the greatest time to share a link but this was a good, quick read about 3 Modes of Thinking. Even if you can’t read it now, click on it so it creates a new tab that you can get back to later.

A few notes to get you going:
1) SIW is in-house this week. We’ll meet to chat about a few things but the bulk of this time will be for you to use as you need. 1:30 in Brian’s room.

2) Time is elusive at this point in the year so be sure you have plans for getting Memory Books and Glows/Grows done! There will also be some SIW time on May 29 to work on these.

3) Please send portraits home with parents on your inside pick up day this week.

4) Please take a moment to remind kiddos about Choice Time expectations–outside or in a classroom. It worked very nicely after our meeting last week, so thank you!

5) Thanks to those of you who have finished your Self Reflection in UKG! If you have not done so, please do first thing this week. Also please be sure you are checking UKG regularly and completing tasks. There are still a few of you who simply need to sign off on some documents to keep the work flow moving. Thanks!

6) We need to get the word about the levy out to parents. Please share the following link in your communications this week: BLP Levy 2024. I’ll also be sharing it with parents, but the more the better on this one! While we can’t “advocate” for supporting the levy we can certainly get informational materials out. We need this!

7) Officially it’s Teacher Appreciation Week, but due to the auction we’ve pushed it to next week–be prepared to be showered with love!

8) The last day of school is now June 18th. Traditionally we get together for a drink or two after school on the last day and I’m hoping we can keep the tradition going. Please do all you can to block off that time so we can celebrate the end of the year together.

May 7: Grade 5 walking field trip (all day)
May 8: SIW (Staff meeting combo), In house @1:30pm
May 10: Bread and Jam
May 13: Grades 1/3/4/5 Mary Poppins@Caldera, 9:30-11:15
May 14: Staff Meeting, 2:45pm
May 15: Cafe Amity, Kinder hosts
May 15: SIW, Teacher Work Day
May 15: DIBELS
May 16: Grade 2 Think Wild walking field trip, 8:30-11:30 am
May 16: Grade 5 Lava Lands
May 17: Grades K/2 Mary Poppins@Caldera, 9:30-11:15
May 21: Team Collaboration Time
May 22: SIW, In house
May 22-24: Grader 5 Coast Trip
May 23: Grade 2 to High Desert Museum
May 27: No School
May 29: SIW, In house
May 29: Kinder to Miller’s Landing
May 30: Grade 1 Benham Falls East
May 31: Summit High production of The Real Story of the 3 Pigs is coming to Amity, 8:30am.
June 3/4: Camp Amity!
June 4: Staff Meeting (last one of the year!)
June 5: Cafe Amity, Grade 5’s last cafe to host
June 5: SIW, Teacher Work Day
June 6: End of Year Community BBQ
June 11: Grade 4 Lava Lands/Cave
June 12: FULL School Day, no early release
June 13: Grade 5 Graduation
June 18: Last day, 1pm release. Staff gathering? Yes, please!

Here’s to a great week ahead!