Monday AM Notes, May 20 2024

Hey All,
I hope you had a fantastic weekend and that those of you who have been not feeling so great are feeling better! 21 days to go and we have a three day weekend is on the horizon!

A few notes to get you rolling:
1) Staff Appreciation Breakfast provided by the district is Tuesday starting at 7:15am. Please try and arrive early that day so we can enjoy the breakfast together!

2) Tuesday afternoon is our last Team Collaboration Time of the year. Take a little time to reflect on the work you have done together this year and start thinking about what you could collaborate on next year. 2:45pm

3) SIW this week is in-house and you can use the time to work on Grows and Glows or other things that need your attention.

4) I will be out Thursday and Friday this week–I’m headed down to LA to help my folks out. Brad will be here Friday to support.

5) Here’s the link I sent you last week for the last 2 weeks–please add to it if you have new things to add. Also, is there something on there that is not right? Last 2 weeks 2023-24

May 21: Team Collaboration Time
May 22: SIW, In house
May 22-24: Grader 5 Coast Trip
May 23: Grade 2 to High Desert Museum
May 24: Bread and Jam
May 27: No School
May 29: SIW, In house
May 29: Kinder to Miller’s Landing
May 29: Memory Book Night, Grades 2/3/4. 5-7pm
May 30: Grade 1 Benham Falls East
May 31: Summit High production of The Real Story of the 3 Pigs is coming to Amity, 8:30am.”
June 3/4: Camp Amity!
June 4: Staff Meeting (last one of the year!)
June 5: Cafe Amity, Grade 5’s last cafe to host
June 5: SIW, Teacher Work Day
June 6: End of Year Community BBQ
June 11: Grade 4 Lava Lands/Cave
June 12: FULL School Day, no early release
June 12: iPad roll-in for Grade 5
June 12: Volunteer Tea (hosted by Andy and Patti)
June 13: Grade 5 Graduation
June 14: iPad roll-in for Grades 2/3/4
June 14: Bread and Jam
June 18: Last day, 1pm release. Staff gathering shortly after school gets out!

Here’s to a great week ahead!