Monday AM Notes, March 11

I hope the weekend was good to you. It’s been a very busy few weeks and I am truly grateful for all the extra time, effort, and love you have shared on behalf of the kiddos! I’m looking forward to the next few weeks of settling back into some calmness (Amity style calm) before the break.

As we have been discussing math quite a bit lately I’m sharing a math joke to start us off:
Q: Why is beer never served at a math party? 
A: Because you can’t drink and derive. 

A few notes to get us going:
1) The Listening Sessions have been rescheduled for Tuesday of this week at 8am, 9:15am, and 5:30pm. If you can join one of the sessions (certified and classified) it would be great to have you there. If you can’t one of the sessions, the site council would still like your input. We’ll have a station set up on one of the hallway tables for the next week–there will be cards there to fill out. It’s anonymous and we’re hoping people will feel comfortable sharing their input–celebrations, concerns/questions, and ideas. The idea is to draw out input from as many community city members as possible.

2) Gearing up at lunch. If kids are going to be wearing snow gear out to lunch recess it would be extremely helpful if they could come to the cafeteria for lunch wearing their snow pants and boots so that after lunch all they need to do is grab their jackets and gloves. Your support of this will greatly increase kiddo time outside, and make it manageable for me and Mindy in the hallway helping get kids dressed. Thanks in advance!

3) Grade 4 hosts Cafe Amity this week.

4) I’ll be gone for most of the day on Thursday. In the AM Kille Hidlebrandt from Elk Meadow will be here visiting, and then later in the morning I’ll go to Elk Meadow for a visit. By noon we both have to be in Redmond for our workshop. Call or text if needed.

5) Stuart Little on Thursday starting at 2:15pm. Let’s shift things a little on that day and have afternoon Choice Time from 1:40-2:00 and then have kids return to your classes. You can remind them about the importance of being an awesome audience and then get them to the gym by 2:10, ready for a 2:15 start. Any reason this can’t work?

6) There is a Mountain Air fundraiser this Wednesday from 2-8pm. Please include in any communication you have with families before Wednesday.

7) SIW this week is district level

8) Everrett’s (Grade 1) dad, Andre, is interesting in supporting the creation of a mural for the wall ball wall (on one side). I’d like to solicit input from the kids on a theme so I will introduce the idea at Community Time this week. Over the next few weeks we’ll collect some themes, have a vote, and have kids submit some drawings related to the theme. I’ll share the drawings with Andre and he’ll be working with one of his employees to create a concept sketch for us to consider. Stay tuned.

*March 12
: Listening Sessions
*March 12: Scott celebrates a long time on this planet
*March 13: Mountain Air fundraiser
*March 14: Stuart Little, 2:15-3:15pm
*March 22: Lottery Deadline
*March 25-29: Spring Break

Here’s to a great week ahead!

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