Monday AM Notes, March 18

Good Morning!
I hope you a great weekend. I spent mine recovering from this the bug I’ve been fighting for the last week or so and I am glad to be back at near full strength! Sometimes we forget to really value our health, but I am really appreciating mine right now!

In hopes that Spring is really coming, a Spring joke:
How excited was the landscaper about Spring? So excited he wet his plants.

A few notes to get us going:
1) Grade 3 hosts Cafe Amity this week

2) Dale is out this week, Deb is here to cover for him

3) Fire Dril this Thursday at 1:45pm

4) Please work with Patti to make sure you get your Conversations on-line sign up out this week. Parents have been notified that we will only be hosting Conversations on Friday, April 12.

5) SIW this week: We’ll have some time to catch up on things and set our agenda for the rest of the year.

6) Just in case you have friends that are applying or anyone is asking, the lottery application deadline is this Friday, March 22. The lottery is April 2, and letters will be sent out April 5. Deadline to accept is April 19. We have lots of applications this year!

7) Lost and Found: We have notified parents that all Lost and Found left at the end of the week will be donated. We’ll have items on display towards the end of the week.

8) Grade 4 will be headed to OMSI for 3 days immediately after break–April 1-3.

9) The Spring Equinox is this Wednesday, a cool event to share with the kids. Here are a few sites to get info:

10 In an effort to conserve energy please make sure to turn off all power strips and appliances before leaving for break–and please take a moment to clean out things you have in the fridge.

March 20: Spring Equinox
March 21: Fire Drill, 1:45pm
March 22: Lottery Deadline
March 23March 30: Spring Break
April 1-3: Grade 4 to OMSI
April 1: Grade 2 to High Desert
April 2: Lottery
April 5: Lottery letters sent
April 10/11: School days
April 12: Conversations

Here’s to a great week before vacation!

5 thoughts on “Monday AM Notes, March 18”

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