Monday AM Notes, June 10

Good Morning!
Hard to believe, but happy to say, it’s the last week of school! It’s been another year filled with great growth, plenty of challenges, lots of love, and tons of fun.

I read this quote over the weekend: “There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.” Thank you for all you do to make life beautiful for the kiddos and their families at Amity! I feel so fortunate to work with such an incredible group of loving people. This week is the last time this particular group of people will be together so let’s make it amazing!

A few notes to get us going for the last time this school year:

1) Schedule for this week:
*Grade 3 to Black Butte
*Grade 4 Cardboard Regatta

*Egg Drop all morning, groups are organized
~Groups will work until Choice Time, Drop after Chocie until Lunch

*Graduation 1-3pm
~K-2 will stay for first part, 3/4 will stay for entire ceremony
~EAs and parent volunteers will watch K-2 on the playground (reaching out to parents today)

*Grade 5 movies and Time Capsules at Community Time
*Staff vs Grade 5 Kickball, after Choice until Lunch
*Memory Books after lunch
~with your class until Choice Time, all school after Choice to end of day

*Staff hosts Community Time, skit (Scott to organize)
*With your own class until Choice Time
*All School Invitations, 3 rotations: 10:45-11:15/11:15-11:45/12:45-1:15
*Last 45 minutes with your class
Note: I’ve eliminated the movie from the day, I think it’s important that kids are interacting with each other and us rather than watching a movie.

2) PE this week: Please check in with Brad and let him know if you want him to do PE for your class. With so many other things going on please just confirm with him whether or not you want him to do PE

3) Please help: If you bring your class out to play after the afternoon Choice Time please be sure to bring in all equipment that the kids take out. Thanks!

4) Reminder: Wednesday is a FULL school day, Friday we are out at 2pm

5) Please be sure to get your end of year writing scores into the assessment tracking document (use the tabs at the bottom to locate your class):

6) Before you leave school for the summer please be sure your room is ready for Jim and the cleaning crew. Please make it as easy as possible to move things out of your room for cleaning.

7) Staff gathering at 3pm on Friday. Bend Brewing Company.

Here’s to a phenomenal last week!

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