Monday AM Notes, Sept 9

Good Morning Team,
Thanks for a great first week, it all went so smoothly! Everything feels so positive and the hallways were teaming with joy! I’m looking forward to our first full week and beginning to get into some rhythms.

A few notes (well, quite a few) to get you going:
1) Community activities this week:
*Monday-Get to Know You Bingo in the gym, 1:45-2:15pm. K/5 and 1/4 will buddy up for this activity (2 and 3 on their own). I’ll provide the BINGO sheets.
*Wednesday-Some fun with Petit in the gym, Name that Student (photos), and sing the Amity song, 12-12:45pm.
*Friday–Pancake Breakfast starting at 7am (Sara, Jeff, and Ray we’ll fill you in on this!). We’ll serve cakes until 8:15 and then head out to the playground for 15 minutes. Community Time will start at 8:30.

2) Music and PE start this week, please refer to the schedule below. Music will take place on the stage (due to the Bookfair in the studio). Please remember to walk your kiddos to specialists. Art will start next week.
*No Kinder PE today due to community activity

3) Bookfair runs all this week, culminating on Friday at the Pancake Breakfast. Please remember to visit the fair and pick out some books for your wishlist. Unless you arrange a special time with Autumn to take your class, all sales happen before and after school.
(Autumn: [email protected])

4) Official Community Time Line-up:
Monday: Grade 3
Tuesday: Grade 5
Wednesday: Kinder/Grade 1
Thursday: Grade 4
Friday: Grade 2

5) Thanks for your early Stewardship efforts of working with your classes to clean your rooms at the end of the day and keeping the hallways (and shelves outside your classrooms) clean. Jim and Andrea appreciate your efforts, and so do I!

6) SIW (School Improvement Wednesday) this week. We’ll meet at 2pm (Frans’ room), here’s the agenda:
*First week Check-in (highs, lows, needed support, concerns)
*Discuss development of Take Care of Yourself/Others/Place
~Please take time early this week to begin/continue discussion of what this will look like for your class and be ready to share with the staff
*Revisit Pledge of Allegiance conversation
*Grade 4 Boys
*Meet in teams to discuss use of Running Records (K-2) and IRI (3-5)

7) Math Screeners. Please remember to book time to do the math screener in the next week or two. If you’d like to take a whole day to do this please let me know so we can pick a day and book a sub. Alternatively, Brad could do some of the screening as he is currently not running intervention groups–he is waiting for screeners to be completed. He could do some of the initial screening and then you could follow up with students of concern. I am also happy to do some screening for you. Let me know how I can be helpful. If you don’t already have the screener please stop by and pick it up from me.

8) Outdoor Education Field Trips. Darek and I met on Friday and set some dates for the Fall outdoor education trips. Dates were limited and we needed to get trips on the books so we don’t miss out! Below are dates and trips scheduled–please let me know today or tomorrow if these dates don’t work. I’ll work with Patti to organize buses.
October 4: Grade 2
October 7: Grade 4, Soda Creek/Sparks Lake
October 8: Grade 3
October 28 or Nov 1: Grade 5 Deschutes River (Slough to Ryan Ranch). Ray, Darek has two options, please let me know which day works best.

For Kinder and Grade 1 Darek suggests we look to Children’s Forest to find appropriate options, and I am happy to do this with you.

9) Just a reminder that Campfire will be using your classrooms this week. Please refer to my email from Friday. Thank you for accommodating this request!

10) Pledge of allegiance on Fridays. I’d like to revisit our conversation about the pledge before we move forward with reciting it every Friday. I’ve added it to the SIW agenda for this week.

11) I’ll be heading out at 3pm today for an Admin meeting.

September 13: Pancake Breakfast, 7am start time.
September 18
: Back to School Night, 5-7pm. Picnic from 5-6pm, Meeting in gym from 6-6:15pm, classroom meetings from 6:15-6:45pm. We could organize food for the team if you are interested–let’s chat at SIW this week.

That’s more than enough for now. Here’s to a great week ahead!

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