Monday AM Notes, September 23

Good Morning!
It’s always a good day when you wake up and remember it’s Camp Amity! I’m looking forward to spending time with all of you up at camp. A few notes about camp:
*We’ll have Community Time at school both days, regular time
*Between CT and departure time please remind your classes about the boundaries, flowers, sticks in the pond, etc.
*We’ll load buses at 9am
*Once at camp we will likely be met by the resource manager who may want to speak with us before we head out–he indicated he would be around
*Before dismissing students let’s make sure a few of us (me, Stu, Jake, Scott) are outside to guide students in the right direction
*I’ll have the speaker and we’ll play YMCA
*I’ll be away from camp from 11:45-1:30 at a meeting but will return just before you all head for the buses. We should be leaving Aspen Hall close to 1:30pm.

A few notes to get you going:
1) Please continue to work with your kiddos to get the hallway clean at the end of the day. Jim and Andrea are appreciative of the efforts!

2) Math Inventory–have you done it yet? I still have a few folders here in my office. It’s imperative we get these done so we can work with Brad to set up support groups. Please work to get these done by the end of the week or first thing next week. Those that have completed the inventories please share the information with me, specifically which students are most in need of additional support.

3) Lockdown drill on Wednesday at 10:50am (10 minutes). We’ll meet Tuesday after school (3:00) to discuss procedure.

4) Quick staff meeting on Tuesday at 3:00 to discuss Lockdown procedure. Jeff’s room.

5) SIW this week: This week will be an early start SIW. We’ll meet over at the community garden at the environmental center at 1:30 to chat with Denise (Grade 1 Nora’s mom) so she can share some ideas of how we can continue to be involved at the garden. At 2pm we’ll meet Jen Lachman (Abby’s mom) back here at school for a diabetes talk. The remainder of the afternoon will be spent with your team–K-2, 3-5.
Note: October 2 SIW is no longer a district SIW. Instead, on October 16 we’ll engage as a staff in an Equity and Excellence listening session–more details to share later.

6) iPad distribution for Grades 3/4/5 has been rescheduled to this Wednesday starting at 8:15. We’ll do one class at a time between 8:15 and 9:15.

7) Julie (art) will be out this week but Korey (former Amity parent and art teacher) will be here to cover for her–the kids are in good hands!

8) I’ll be headed out around 3pm today for an admin meeting

October 3: Picture Day
October 3: DIBELS
October 4: First Cafe Amity! 7:30-8:15am. Community Time starts at 8:15am.
October 4: Grade 2 to Fall River, Grade 5 to Lava Lands
October 10: Fire Drill, 9:20am
October 10/11: NO ART. Julie will be out these two days and no sub has been secured (will let you know if this changes–fingers crossed!)
October 23-25: Conversations, no school for students

Here’s to a great week ahead!

6 thoughts on “Monday AM Notes, September 23”

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