Monday AM Notes, Sept 16

Good Morning,
Congrats on getting through the first full week of school! I don’t know about you but I was exhausted on Friday night and ready for the weekend.

A few notes to get you going:
1) We have a few required drills this week, one we already knew about and the other added due to time constraint:
*Monday: Fire Drill (TODAY) at 9:20am. Sorry, but we have to get this done in the first 10 school days so today is the day!
*Tuesday: Bus Evacuation Drill, 9:15am. For the last few years this has happened in the museum parking lot across the street and we anticipate it will be the same this year. Please be at the busses by 9:15am.

2) Back to School Night picnic on Wednesday, 5-7pm. 5-6pm picnic on the green, 6-6:15 parent meeting in the gym to discuss Friends of Amity, Site Council, and Volunteering (EAs watching kids on playground). 6:15(ish) to 6:45 meet with parents in classrooms.

*PLAN B: If the weather continues to be wet we will have to cancel the picnic part of the evening and start in the gym with parents at 6pm. Also, if it’s wet we won’t be able to provide childcare. I’ll let you know tomorrow and I’ll send a note to families tomorrow night.

3) SIW this week:
*New Camp Amity guidelines
*Pledge follow-up
*Back to School prep time

4) Related to new Camp Amity guidelines I’d like to schedule 15-20 minutes with Grades 1-5 to do a short presentation this week on Thursday or Friday. I’ll put a sign-up sheet in the staff room–please choose a time that works for you on Thursday or Friday.

5) Ray and I will be out Tuesday AM for a Dreambox (new on-line math program) training. We’ll return shortly after lunch time.

6) Grade 5 will be on a field trip to the Newberry Crater on Friday all day.

7) Grades 3-5 are supposed to have iPad distribution on Thursday but we have yet to get the forms back from the print shop. So, it’s likely we won’t be able to do this until next week. I’ll keep you posted.

8) I will be leaving school around 3pm today (Monday) for an admin meeting.

September 23/24: Camp Amity! Busses leave at 9am. We’ll do Community Time at school and dance to YMCA at camp.
September 24: Lockdown Drill meeting, 3:15-3:30
September 25: Lockdown Drill, 10:50am (we’ll meet the day before at 3:15 to discuss)
October 3: Picture Day
October 4: First Cafe Amity, Grade 5 hosts (Ray, let’s connect about this)
October 19: Harvest Festival–more info to come

Here’s to a great week ahead!

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