Monday AM Notes, October 21

Good morning!
First, a big thanks to those of you who were able to make it to Harvest Festival and a special thanks for those that were able to help out–your presence and help is greatly appreciated! I hope the rest of your weekend was good!

Conversations this week! Please nudge parents that have yet to sign up, and follow up with parents who do not make it for a convsersatiopn this week, especially parents with whom you really need to meet. If there is anything I can do to support you during Conversations please let me know! There’s a 3 day weekend waiting for you at the end of the week…

A few notes to get you going:
1) Exciting news–we have hired a part time school secretary to support Patti (and you!) in the office. Kelli Esselman is the mom of Lexi in Grade 1 and she has already been volunteering and helping around Amity since day 1–she is truly an incredible addition to our staff! Like Beth did last year, Kelli will be working a flexible schedule from week to week depending on needs in the office. If you have projects or tasks that you would like some help with please work with Patti and Kelli to set it up. If you haven’t met Kelli yet, drop by the office today or tomorrow and say hello.

2) If you have a potentially sick kiddo please send the student to the office to see Patti, Kim, or me. Unless the child clearly needs you to accompany them please send the student with another student or an EA (if you have one). Please do not leave your class unattended to bring a student to the health room–we got you covered here in the office! Thanks!

3) Notes about Community Time. First, thank you for doing all you can to start at 8am. I know this has been difficult and many days key skit members are not here on time; we have to keep pushing parents to get here on time even if it hurts a little–I’ll be sending a note in November newsletter related to this. Regarding CT performances (essentially skits), please be sure to stage your kiddos at the front of the stage so we have the best chance of hearing them speak. I’m currently working on getting some drop down mics donated but in truth we want to work on students projecting their voices. The mics will help with softer speaking students and when we need to use the whole stage for skits, etc.

4) Planning ahead–October 28-31: Please plan to give your students time make masks for Trick or Treating at the Ed Center on Halloween

5) We’ll have a very quick staff meeting Tuesday at 2:45pm. Let’s meet in Fran’s room.

6) I’ll be leaving at 2:45 today to get to an admin meeting.

7) Please sign up for a quick 15 minute SLGG meeting with me–stop and do this now so you don’t forget:

October 28: Kinder/Grade 1/Grade 2 to D&D Ranch, 9am-1:15pm
October 31: Trick or Treat at Ed Center, PM
November 1: Day after Halloween PJs and Movie, AM
November 1: Cafe Amity, hosted by Grade 4 (Note: We may change this since it’s the day after Halloween–I’ll let you know)
November 1: Grade 5 Field Trip, Deschutes River
November 4 & 5: Pastini Fundraiser, please encourage parents!
November 6-8: Fall Clothing Exchange, before/after school

Here’s to a great week ahead!

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