Monday AM Notes, October 28

Good Morning!
I hope the 3 day weekend was good to you! It’s Halloween Week so there will be lots of energy in the building, embrace it and have fun!

A Halloween joke to start the week: What kind of music do mummies listen to? Wrap.

A few notes to get you going:
1) Mask making this week! Please allow your students time to have some fun with this.

2) Trick or Treating at the Ed Center info:
*We’ll begin sending students starting at 1:15 on Thursday. We’ll send classes as they are ready, hoping to stagger the groups a little.
*When students return you are welcome to do activities related to the candy–swapping, counting, sorting, etc. Allow each student to keep or eat 2 or 3 of their favorite candies–all the rest will be donated to troops overseas. Each class will have a bucket to fill. I’ll come by and weigh each bucket to see how much we are donating.
*We can end the day with some free play time on the playground if time permits.

3) Movie on Friday starting at 8:30 in the gym for Grades K-3. Grade 4 will watch a different movie in their classroom and Grade 5 will be on a field trip. Art is still on for Friday for Grade 3 and 4.
*Here’s what I have for possible movies for K-3 based on Common Sense Media reviews, but I am open for other recommendations–not easy to find a G rated movie that doesn’t have violence, super scary scenes, etc: Homeward Bound, Pick of the Litter, Cars, Ponyo. Please chat amongst yourselves and let me know which you think is best so I can let parents know by Wednesday.

4) SLGG Meetings this week, short and sweet. I’ll have the paperwork, please come to my office.
*Tues, 11:45am: Ray
*Tues, 12:00pm: Lindsey
*Tues, 1:45pm: Jeff
*Tues, 2pm: Frans
*Tues, 2:45: Jill
*Thurs, 8:30am: Sara
*Thurs, 10am: Scott “Fancy Pants” Zarling
*Thurs, 11:45: Amanda

5) Field Trips this week:
*K/1/2 are off to D and D Ranch today from 9am-2pm
*Grade 5 is off to South Slough on Friday 9am-2pm

5) We have a few important changes to the calendar:
*Cafe Amity has been moved to Friday, Nov 8 (day after Halloween didn’t seem to be the best day)
*Clothing Exchange is now Nov 13-15
*Family BINGO Night is now November 14, 5-6:30pm. Brown Bag dinner event (families bring their own dinner, we will also sell pre-ordered pizza)

5) SIW this week. We’ll be talking discussing the Equity and Excellence survey (related to influx of big dollars coming from Student Success Act–$1 billion coming to schools, $11-13 million coming to BLP). We’ll start at 1:30 with a short training with Kim then transition into the discussion. We’ll be done by 3pm (I have to get Kaila to an appointment by 3:30!).

6) We’re starting to think ahead for the auction. We’ll be doing quilts again this year and Addison (former Creeker extraordinaire) has offered to help out. I am working with her on scheduling time for classes next week. I’ll share more as soon as we confirm with Addison.

7) In case families are asking, the pies Grade 5 sold will be delivered to school on November 8 and will be ready for pick up. I’ll let Ray fill you on the details if you need more info. $4800 worth of pies were sold with a near $2800 profit! The money will be used to fund the end of year overnight trip to the aquarium.

8) Secure vestibule update: Things are beginning to move in terms of the official construction of our vestibule. Here’s the breakdown:
*Exploratory demo work in the vestibule this week (Oct 28-Nov 1).  They’ll be drilling holes in the wall to see what’s in there with the intent to know what they will need to do during construction (is there asbestos?).
*Major demo in the vestibule starting the evening of Nov 7 thru approx Nov 17 – give or take a few days depending on asbestos test results.
*Main entry doors to be closed completely Nov 8 – Nov 15; back doors by the playground will serve as temp main entrance. Yes, the front doors will not be accessible so parents will need to enter and exit through the back door (or exit via Georgia street door, but not enter). The district is hiring someone to sit by the door to let parents in and out to maintain safety.
*The finish work will likely continue for several weeks after the main push but we will be back in operational order by Nov 15.

9) Ofrenda information. Like last year we have an Ofrenda set up in the hallway. Here is the info I sent out recently (hoping you have already seen this): Honoring Loved Ones: As some of you know, I Iived in Mexico for two years prior to moving back to Bend in 2016.  Many of you have heard me gush over my love for Mexico (probably more than once)–I truly love the country, the people, the landscape, the food (oh, the food!), and more than anything the rich culture.  The culture is overflowing with ritual and
meaning, and I loved being a part of it.  I especially loved this time of year in Mexico as they celebrated Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.  And one part of the celebration in particular had a deep impact on me–the Ofrenda (oh-friend-ah).  Ofrendas (ofrenda means offering in Spanish), are an essential part of the Day of the Dead celebrations.  While they are also called alters, they are not for worship or religious purposes, but rather a way to honor and keep the memory of loved ones in the present.   Ofrendas are constructed to remember and honor the memory of ancestors and loved ones that have passed.  It is a beautiful ritual, and one that truly honors those that have been a part of our personal history and journey.  Once again this year we will be creating an Amity version of an Ofrenda in the main hallway. One way that you can participate is by bringing in a photograph of someone you’d like to honor; and in keeping this kid friendly this could also be a family pet that is no longer living, too.  The idea is to honor our loved ones who are no longer with us.  Things you can bring to add to the Ofrenda any time in the month of November:
*A photograph of your loved one
*Candles and incense (we won’t light either, they will be symbolic)
*Flowers, usually marigolds, but for our version any flowers will be welcomed
*A trinket that reminds you of your loved one, something that the person you’re honoring enjoyed in life–could something as simple as a food they loved, a golf tee, a deck of cards, or anything that reminds you of the person.

10) I’m leaving around 2:30 today for an admin meeting, and will be leaving at 12:30 on Friday (personal leave).

November 4/5
: Pastini Fundraiser. Families dine at Pastini’s one of these days and we get a percentage of all the money spent.
November 8 (new date): Cafe Amity, Grade 4 hosts
November 11: Veteran’s Day, NO SCHOOL
November 13-15 (new dates): Fall Clothing Exchange
November 14 (new date): Family Bingo Night! 5-6:30pm
November 25-29: Thanksgiving Break
December 7: Staff Holiday Party, Ray has offered to host. Let’s confirm soon!

Here’s to a great week ahead!

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