Monday AM Notes (Tues), November 11

I hope you are enjoying the long weekend, seems like good timing given how busy we have been! Another busy, but fun-filled week ahead!

Quick note about the front entrance to school–it will be closed for at least the rest of this week. Parents must enter through the back door (parking lot)–they can exit through the back door or the Georgia Street door. They are still required to sign in and the sign-in machines have been moved in to the office. Korey has been hired to sit by the back door for the week to let parents in and out during the school day. If you have any tasks needing to be done (that she can do from her post) please let her know–she’ll be wanting things to do!

A few notes to get you going:
1) We welcome our new PE teacher Erin today! She will join us for Community Time and then have her first day of teaching at Amity. Please give her a hearty Amity welcome!

2) Tuesday PE schedule is the same for Grades K-3. Ray and Jeff, please remember that your new PE/Music time is Tuesday from 10-11am.

3) Picnic style lunch will be every Tuesday from now on–there simply won’t be time to get tables down after PE. We’ll have a few tables up for kiddos that don’t want to eat on the ground. When Spring comes we’ll be able to have PE outside so this won’t be an issue.

4) Staff meeting time–I have still not heard from most of you about preferred day–Tuesday or Thursday at 2:45. We will start next week so if you have a preference please share it with me via email.

5) Please remember that we start with afternoon Choice Time coverage this week–K/1/2 on Mondays and Tuesdays, 3/4/5 on Thursdays and Fridays. Please chat with your team.

6) Clothing Exchange this week on the stage, Wednesday through Friday. Kids need to be with their parent to “shop”, and only before and after school.

7) Family BINGO Night this Thursday from 5-6:30pm. This is a brown bag dinner event (families bring their own food). We are also selling pre-ordered pizza via Friends of Amity website–orders must be in by Wednesday at 5pm.

8) Frans, Jeff, and Ray will be at a workshop on Thursday all day.

9) Stewardship in the hallway. Just a friendly reminder to work with your class to help keep the hallway clean, especially at the end of the day.

10) SIW at 1:30 this week, Sara’s room. I’d like to use this time to check in on some ongoing work we are doing.

November 13-15: Fall Clothing Exchange on the stage
November 14: Family BINGO Night, 5-6:30
November 25-29: Thanksgiving Break–yahoo!

Here’s to a great, short week ahead!

5 thoughts on “Monday AM Notes (Tues), November 11”

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