Monday AM, March 16

Hi everyone,
Prior to m surgery I had schedule this to go out–obviously you can ignore it! Enjoy the next few weeks!

Good Morning,
I hope last week went well and that things have been smooth (better?) in my absence! I’m recovering well and I miss you all!

A few notes for the week:
1) Child and Youth Resiliency Survey today! Parents will help with K-2 and Grades 3-5 will do the survey on line

2) Fire Drill tomorrow at 9:20

3) Irish Dancers will be here to entertain at Community Time on Tuesday!

4) Grade 4 heads to the Tower Theater on Wednesday to see Call of the Wild.

5) SIW this week is Teacher Directed, please use the time as you see fit.

6) Spring Break is next week–you made it!!! Have a great week off, I look forward to stopping by after break to catch up and see the kids!

March 17: Irish Dancers at Community Time
March 17: Fire Drill 9:20am
March 17: Grade 5 to Mount Bachelor
March 18: Grade 4 to Call of the Wild performance
March 20: Lottery Deadline
March 23-27: Spring Break!
April 1: First Aid Training 1:30-5:30pm
April 6: Andy returns
April 7: EBISS

Here’s to a great week before Spring Break!

4 thoughts on “Monday AM, March 16”

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