Monday AM Notes, March 9

Hello All,
Well, Monday is surgery day for me–it’s been scheduled from 1-3pm. I have to say, this is a strange moment for me to think about being away from school, the kids, and all of you for the next month. I’ll be off line this week but I’ll start responding to text messages and emails next week. Best not to text and email while on pain medication!

Lindsey is your go to while I am away, and Brad will be on campus full time to help support in any way needed. Please lean on both of these people if and when you need them. And, a HUGE thanks to both Lindsey and Brad for stepping up in my absence!

And, thanks for the fun send off at Esta Bien last Friday, I really love spending time with all of you and laughing! It was a perfect send off.

A few notes to get you going:
1) Lottery Tours this week, Tuesday and Thursday. These are parent led tours and the visitors will join Community Time on both days. Please remember that several of you switched Community Times for this week.

2) Grade 3 heads to Bend Science Station this week on Tuesday and Thursday from 12-2pm.

3) Cafe Amity is this Friday (changed from last week)–Kinders host.

4) SIW this week will be guided by Amanda and related to Ross Greene’s work that we have been discussing. Extra copies of Lost and Found are on Patti’s desk if you need one–you will be reading some of the text and discussing. I’ll let Amanda let you know what time you’ll start. Thank you Amanda!

SIW next week is teacher directed and you may use the time as you determine will be most beneficial.

5) Child and Youth Resiliency Survey is next Monday, March 16. Please refer back to an email I sent you on March 1 for all the details and times. Big thanks to Patti for securing volunteers!

6) Please be sure you have April 1 in your calendar for First Aid training during SIW (and likely until about 5:30pm).

7) EBISS has been moved to April 7. I’ll send a schedule the week before, we’ll need to work around PE times.

8) IMPORTANT: Playground supervision. I have communicated with EAs regarding this but I have never really made it clear to teachers and want to be sure we are all on the same page. When on playground supervision:
*There are 3 main areas–field, blacktop, swing/structure area
*It is CRUCIAL that one person is in each of the 3 main areas, so when you arrive on the playground please look to see what area needs coverage and stay in that area. If you wander from your area it leaves it unsupervised.
*Safety and Prevention are our 2 most important responsibilities on the playground. If we are not covering all the main areas and looking to prevent accidents, then accidents are likely to happen.
*If you have to leave your area to go inside due to an emergency please get the attention of one of the other people on duty so they can cover your area as well.
*I love visiting with others when I am on duty as much as you do, but let’s prioritize safety and prevention.

March 10/12: Lottery Tours (led by parents)
March 10: Grade 3 to Bend Science Station
March 13: Cafe Amity, Kinders host
March 16: Child and Youth Resiliency Survey
March 17: Irish Dancers at Community Time
March 17: Fire Drill 9:20am–we have to get one drill in before break
March 17: Grade 5 to Mount Bachelor
March 18: Grade 4 to Call of the Wild performance
March 20: Lottery Deadline
March 23-27: Spring Break!
April 1: First Aid Training 1:30-5:30pm
April 3: Andy returns
April 7: EBISS

Here’s to a great week ahead!

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