Monday Notes, Oct 26 2020

Good Morning!
Fall has definitely set in–I hope the weekend was good to you!

A few notes to get you going:
1) Interestingly, we are still required to do virtual fire drills while in CDL. Please discuss fire drills with your students at some point this week and use it as a time to remind students what we do when we have fire drills in school. Thank you!

2) Remember, Amity swag for sale until November 1:

3) K-2 team meeting on Wednesday 1-2pm

4) Staff meeting on Wednesday at 2pm here at North Star. We’ll spend most of the time on our next community activity. We’ll also have a guest (via WeBex)–Rebecca Easton from Silver Rail who is part of the district LEAD team, a group of 25 district teachers who have been selected to support anti-racism work in the schools. Rebecca will spend about 10-15 sharing information about LEAD.

5) We’ll be having a virtual Scholastic Book Fair from November 2-16. I’ll share links with you soon that you can share with families–I’ll also send the link to families. Please encourage families to participate–it puts new books in student’s hands and provides us with lots and lots of free books!

6) If you are sharing Youtube videos with students please take a moment to learn how to do this safely:

If you are sending out links without using this process (or another one that you know of) you are potentially exposing students to content that is not appropriate for them in the form all of the additional links that typically show up to the right of the video you have shared. Thanks!

7) Looking to mix it up a little? Familiar with Kahoot? Kahoot is a super fun game/quiz app that kids really love! You can find it in Self Service, and you can learn how to use it below. Several of your colleagues have experiencing using, too.

October 28-30: These are school days, NO Conferences
October 30: Packet Pick-up, 1-3pm. Come in costume!
November 1: Deadline to order from Amity Store
November 3: Election Day, don’t forget to get your ballots in on time!
November 11: Veteran’s Day, NO SCHOOL
November 13: Packet Pick-up, 1-3pm (tentative, to be confirmed closer to the date)
November 23-27: Thanksgiving Break, NO SCHOOL

Here’s to a great week ahead!

38 thoughts on “Monday Notes, Oct 26 2020”

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