Monday Notes, November 2 2020

Welcome to November! With good news from the governor, November may turn out to be a monumental moment in time–a return to school! Fingers crossed we get to return!

I was able to get away this weekend to the coast, truly my favorite place! On Saturday morning while I sipped my coffee I watched the nearly full moon (it was a Blue Saturday night) set over the ocean–glorious! The photo is below, not great quality but worth sharing! And then, that night I watched the sun set over the Pacific, second photo. I hope you also had a fantastic weekend!

This week may be one we’ll remember for a very long time. With the new metrics creating a possible pathway to returning to school, and a very contentious election on Tuesday, emotions may be running high this week–for students, families, and us. Take some deep breaths as you begin the week, and be sure to take care of your self in all the best ways that you know how to!

A few notes to get you going:
1) In case you missed my email on Friday, here is the link to the new metrics:
These metrics are dramatically expanded and leave lots of room for us to be successful in returning not only to hybrid, but to full-time school across all grade levels! If all goes well we should hear some concrete plans Tuesday. Fingers crossed!

*A note about discussing the return to school with students: Let’s be careful not to be the ones to set up a potential disappointment should the situation change and we are not able to return to school. Please let parents do the bulk of getting their kiddos excited about the possibility, this way we don’t end up being the ones to disappoint. Just a note of caution!

2) Our tentative Staff Meeting this week has obviously been upgraded to a definite Staff Meeting. We’ll meet Wednesday from 2-3pm, but please leave a little extra time open in case we go longer. I’ll be sharing lots of information including the Safety Plan, a document that I’ll be sending to families, our master schedule, and Nurse Kim will share some important info, too.

3) Teacher one to ones. Thanks to all who have already signed up for a time to meet next week. If you haven’t signed up yet, please take a moment to do so: Teacher One to Ones

4) Our decision to do a Community Invitations may not come to fruition given the potential return to school. Just make sure you have November 19 on your calendar in case. If we don’t return to school we can still move forward.

November 3: Election Day, don’t forget to get your ballots in on time!
November 4: Staff meeting, 2-3pm
November 9-13: Teacher 1 to 1 meetings w/Andy
November 11: Veteran’s Day, NO SCHOOL
November 13: Packet Pick-up, 1-3pm (tentative, to be confirmed closer to the date)
November 23-27: Thanksgiving Break, NO SCHOOL
December 21-January 1: Winter Break, NO SCHOOL

Here’s to a monumental week ahead!

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