Monday Notes, December 14 2020

Amity Team,
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Just a few more days until a nice long break!

A few notes to get you rolling:
1) Amity visit on Wednesday, 3:30pm! You’ll want to enter from the parking lot and wait outside the studio (it’s the contractor’s office). You’ll need to get a hard hat and vest to go in.

2) Invitations on Thursday, 11:00-11:30. Please remember, if you want to change your offering (different from the first) then please get it into the Invitations document right away and make the change: Invitations Dec 17
I’ll send out communication to families by the end of the day.

3) Tentative schedule for returning to Amity, if all goes as planned–I will update you as I receive updates:
*January 8: Contractor finished
*January 11-15: Move in furniture/boxes, IT department gets phones and internet up and running. More details to come.
*January 18: Our first day on site!

4) You may hear from other teachers in the district that they are supposed to have their classrooms ready for students by January 4. This was a request from Lora Nordquist to make sure schools are ready should we reopen soon after returning from break. From what I understand there is no actual plan for students returning on the 4th. I’ll update you just prior to returning from break. For now, just plan on us being at North Star until January 18 in some capacity or another.

5) As most of you know I’ve not been feeling well; unfortunately I’m still not feeling well and will work from home this week. If you need anything please call or text. This also means I won’t be there for the Amity visit, but I’ve asked Ray to document the visit and send me photos. Bummed not to share the moment with y’all, but out of an abundance of caution I need to stay home.

*December 16: Amity visit, 3:30pm
*December 17: Invitations, 11am
*December 21-January 1: Winter Break!

Here’s to a great week ahead–and, if I don’t see you before the end of the week, have an incredible break! Looking forward to an amazing 2021!

17 thoughts on “Monday Notes, December 14 2020”

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